UPDATE: Peerflix and LiveUniverse still fraudulent, unresponsive, unreliable

I know you’ve been waiting to know whether I resolved my issues with Peerflix, which was bought by LiveUniverse, and which owes me several hundred dollars.

Actually, I know you aren’t really very interested. But I wanted to write about it again to boost the chances that when someone Googles “Live Universe,” they’ll see a blog entry pointing out that Peerflix and LiveUniverse owe me several hundred dollars.

I’d also like to make it known that Peerflix and LiveUniverse are apparently financially insolvent and unwilling to communicate with their clients.

My sole contact at Peerflix, L., finally responded to an e-mail the other day. L. acknowledges my existence about every two weeks, issuing approximately one response for every three e-mails I send her, and simply ignoring the questions she does not wish to answer.

Her latest missive reports that the reason she didn’t reply to my previous queries was that she didn’t have anything new to tell me. Obviously, simply ignoring me is much better than saying, “Sorry, no news!” People who fear that they are being given the runaround by companies owing them several hundred dollars always feel much less anxious after being ignored. So good call, L.!

L. says she still doesn’t know when LiveUniverse will be able to pay me (or the other people they owe — I’ve communicated with several). I’ve asked her twice now whom I should contact directly at LiveUniverse. It doesn’t make any sense to have L. as my only contact when she, by her own admission, has no power to pay me. Who DOES have that power? That’s who I should be talking to. L. has thus far ignored that question each time I’ve asked it.

I sent an e-mail to LiveUniverse headquarters that, predictably, went unanswered.

So that’s the latest. Nothing new, except that Peerflix and LiveUniverse continue to be poorly managed and fraudulent in their business dealings. You should not have anything to do with them or their products.