Welcome to October! Here’s what’s up


Hey, Internet friends! Happy autumn! Just wanted to check in with a status report on EDS operations.

I was recently at Fantastic Fest in Austin. Here are 10 movie reviews it spawned, and here’s an in-depth article I wrote about the behind-the-scenes controversies that made it a watershed year for the festival.

I’m catching up on the films I missed while I was in Austin. “American Made” is fine — a solid B, an average good movie, nothing special. Hoping to see “Battle of the Sexes” and “The Mountain Between Us” this weekend.

My thanks to the Patreon sponsors (you can be one!) who support my unhealthy lifestyle of watching movies and writing about them. If you’ve missed any recent reviews, well, here they all are. Go nuts.

Oh hey, I also wrote two new Snide Remarks columns, one about donuts and one about my early journalism career. I owe you 20 more Snide Remarks columns as part of an ancient Kickstarter, and you will get them. Boy will you ever get them.