Wild About Movies update: He cares enough to make up lies about me!

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My last post was about Tim Nasson of Wild About Movies and his “Movie Junkets Exposed” feature. Somehow I missed that at the end of that piece, he has a few paragraphs about me! I could have sworn the feature originally ended after the part about Sony, and that the stuff about me was a later addition. Maybe it was. Doesn’t matter.

Anyway, here’s what he says!

A ‘one time junketeer,’ whom will not be named, that attended a junket during the summer of 2006 in Seattle, WA, threatened to ‘expose’ Wild About Movies as a site publishing ‘fake interviews.’ While we will not be giving this sniveling creature’s name any publicity, suffice it to say, every movie studio banned him not only from junkets, but also, press screenings because he wrote about the one junket he attended in such a way that he seemed to be a complete psychopath.

When some politicians, CEOS, celebrities, or sports players are threatened with blackmail, the best stance to take is – run out of the gate first and expose in full detail, anything that the person could try to [screw] you over with.

He goes on to list some of the many, many celebrities he has interviewed over the years … which doesn’t really answer the question. I mean, I didn’t say ALL his interviews were fake. I only said that he was posting SOME interviews that he wasn’t actually present for.

To use his analogy, it’s like an athlete who’s being blackmailed for cheating on his wife with a hooker. Nasson’s tactic would be for the athlete to come out and announce all the women he HASN’T slept with. Not much of a defense, is it?

Going back to what he said about me, it is true that I e-mailed him urging him to stop posting interviews he hadn’t attended. Somehow, his response to this is to point out that I was banned from every studio’s press list. That’s a flat-out lie, of course — only Paramount banned me, subsequently strong-arming the local publicist to take me off the list for Weinstein Company, Miramax, and Dimension, too — but even if it were true, it (once again) sidesteps the issue.

There’s one last blog in all this, and that’s the end, I promise. I’ll show you the hilarious e-mail exchange Nasson and I had last summer after I exposed him for falsifying the Oliver Stone quotes, and the ones we traded a few weeks ago regarding the current issue. If you think his writing is nearly incomprehensible when it’s published, wait’ll you see how it is in e-mail!