Your Monday delivery of ‘Snide Remarks’

Treadmills, border fences, and bilingualism are among the topics discussed in this week’s edition of “Snide Remarks,” which has the horrible title of “Defence Is De Answer.” Seriously, that’s one of the worst yet.

In other news, we switched to a new server this weekend, almost living up to the promise of no downtime in the process. There are a few kinks in the system — for example, I can’t send any e-mail from my account — but that’s none of your concern.

If you find you can’t post comments on the site, that’s because the new host is still propagating, and your ISP is still accessing the old location, and — OK, it’s complicated. But comments should be enabled for some of you, not enabled for others of you, and enabled for one and all within 24 hours or so.

Finally, this is the last week to take the surveys and help us make a better place. I really appreciate all the feedback we’ve gotten so far. Some of the comments have had some really good ideas that I’m definitely going to implement and take credit for. There are three surveys; take any or all that apply to you. This one is for all visitors to the site; this one is for “In the Dark” newsletter subscribers; and this one is for “In the Dark” podcast listeners.

This week’s “Snide Remarks,” including the audio version, is here.
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