Bad 9/11 poetry: ‘Liberty Will Prevail,’ ‘Let Us Unite’


This is it, kids: The last edition of “Bad 9/11 Poetry.” I thought there would be another one, but I realized the other two poems I have were written by fourth-graders, and I’m not going to mock the post-9/11 literary efforts of schoolchildren. Of grown adults who should have known better, yes. Of kids, no.

So here are the final two. (I’m sure there was more bad poetry that came out of 9/11, but this is all that fell into my hands.) As before (check the previous entries in this category for background), these were submitted to a Utah newspaper in the days following Sept. 11, 2001, in the apparent hopes that they would be published, despite the fact that the paper had never published poetry before.

Liberty Will Prevail

by Michele H. Mirabile

[Handwritten note accompanying poem] Please consider this poem for publication, I think it effectively portrays what we as Americans are feeling right now. Thank you.

A mighty nation trembles,
besot with pain and grief;
Old Glory flies at half-mast —
a mighty nation weeps

Evil gloats as Freedom cries,
Godless men rejoice;
death and sorrow resonate,
revenge and war decry.

Peace is interrupted
by hate and jealousy;
terror visits Freedom’s shore,
her heart by pain, besieged.

We’ve defended many nations
that we might have liberty;
now cowards strive to wound us —
justice is our decree.

Blood has drenched our soil,
reaffirming our resolve;
we will never lose our spirit,
we will always rise above.

We are a nation undivided,
a land of liberty;
we will never lose our courage,
and God will always be.

Terror cannot conquer,
and hate will never reign;
we will rebuild our nation,
our flag will soar again.

America is stalwart,
and freedom will live on;
we’ll pledge allegiance to her,
remembering when she cried.

[Does that last stanza freak anybody else out? The whole poem has been rhyming (sort of), and then all of a sudden there’s no rhyme. Not even a bad attempt at one, like with “resolve/above.”]

* * * * *

Let Us Unite

by Vanessa Anne Wright

[Handwritten note accompanying poem] Note: I’m very sorry for the World trade center and for it’s people. I was at work when I heard the news. I feel that there is alot more to come. I would enjoy giving a poam to those who would want to be comforted.

Being united as one
with candle after candle.
come follow the light and let
us not fear to fight.
We heard on that fearful day
of our dear loved ones on that
Sorrowful flight.
Know it’s the time to stand as
a united nation to band from
this evil day.