Children’s Letters to Raven-Symone XVI


(For complete background on this feature, read the introduction here. But here’s the gist: I registered a fake e-mail address for actress/singer Raven-Symone and announced it here, with the disclaimer that it wasn’t real, figuring dumb people would ignore that part and write to it anyway. And I was right.)

It is time once again to open Raven-Symone’s mailbag (if you know what I mean) and make fun of the simple-minded children who write to her. I would have run a new edition of this feature sooner, but the volume of mail received at Raven’s fake e-mail address has slowed to a trickle in recent months. Most of what she gets now is very generic (“Hi Raven, I love you!”) or consists only of her fans inviting her to join them on Facebook or MySpace or Beebo or JimJum or Froofraff or whatever.

But here’s what we do have! Enjoy!


May 15, 2008:

Is this raven -symone?(YES or NO)answer please>This is all I need to know.

* * * * *

June 3, 2008:

Hi Raven

I watched the Oprah Show where it feature the reunion of the Cosby Show and Raven-Symone appeared on the show.

She looked fabulous and I really loved the lipgloss colour she has used on the show.

Could you please please let me know the brand name and the colour of the lipgloss please.

The colour she used was in a pale pinkish shade and it looked great on her skin colour and would like to have that please.

Do let me know.


[Note how the letter begins by addressing Raven directly, then switches to referring to Raven in the third person. This is a literary device pioneered by Joyce and Faulkner, so I’m impressed that Annie was familiar with it.]

* * * * *

June 8, 2008:

just so you know were not idiots,have you ever thought about how stupid it is to make up a fake address of raven symones just to see our responces

do you know raven’s real phone number

[This might have been a joke, but it seemed legit to me. The joke e-mails are usually more outrageous in their misspellings.]

* * * * *

June 9, 2008:

Heeyaa Raven
Omg i love your show “That’s So Raven” its awsum
Your like one of my favourite people on the disney channel …X
anyways please write back
Your biggest fan
Beckiiee …X

[Surely “Beckiiee” is not REALLY her name. Right?]

* * * * *

June 11, 2008:

Hey you are totally awesome.  Are you going to be in the Cheetah Girls Three movie.  I thought your acting in those movies was totally awesome but I also love you College Road Trip Movie too.  That was some pretty funny stuff.  Anyway I just wanted to say that I am a very big fan and I also love you acting in “That’s so Raven”.  It’s so hilarious. [Not totally awesome?]

A Very Big Fan From HAWAII

* * * * *

[Here are four e-mails received from someone named “Jabrehia.”]

June 16, 2008:

ohhhhh snap girl now u r the bomb.I like yo song double doutch bus. [Double Douche Bus?]
LOVE from a fan

June 21, 2008:

girl send me back u ain’t sent me back yet. [Come on, Raven, send her back! I know you kept the receipt, and the postage is covered. Send her back!]

July 3, 2008:

girl i’m getting tired of u not sending me back.i’m afan from fitzgerald.

July 12, 2008:

hey.ray a very good fan i am.good as i can be u don’t send me.why don’t u seeeeeeend.

[Raven doesn’t send because you are needy. You are a burden on her. Your friendship is ova.]

* * * * *

June 25, 2008:

Hey Ray, how u doin i not like the other people im a down to earth fan so do u want to chat sometime  email me back

[Actually, you exactly like the other people.]

* * * * *

June 27, 2008:

[The e-mail address indicates this girl was born in 1994.]

Hey Raven,read this email and answer all my questions(if u have time.their all at the bottom tho).

I think u have a amazing voice and ur extremly gorgeous.IU RAVEN FOREVER AND ALWAYS.My BFF,Nikoo told me that she loved me as much as u love ur BFf’s.I told her i love her back and she said that “as BFFS we need stuff to do togheter”.I said”I know i’ll ask Raven maybe she can give us advice.”And she said ok”

Any advice

PS. Please no sleepovers included cause my mom thinks im to young to go to sleepovers!!!
If u wanted to buy 2 “Best Friends” necklace&charm bracelets would u buy,gold,or silver?Where would u go to buy a BFF neckalace:claire’s,ebay,or sears?And also what would u to not let anyone come between u and ur BFF?Is it weird if BFF’s hold hands?Watz Ashley, Miley’s  email.

[Is this e-mail creepy, hilarious, or creeparious? You decide!]

* * * * *

June 30, 2008:

if ur the real raven symone please send a message back

[If you want me to eat these cookies, please say absolutely nothing. Thy will be done. *NOM NOM NOM*]

* * * * *

July 5, 2008:

Oh mah god iz this raven
i love you so much like if you were mah sister or mother you are mah favorite singer and actor please respond please

[You are getting on mah nerves.]

* * * * *

July 29, 2008:



[Sadly, Destiny’s biggest dream is to be America’s foremost grammar and usage expert.]

* * * * *

Aug. 10, 2008:

Hey raven! i love thats so raven, its so funny [and so Raven!]. r really pretty n a good actor. im 15 now but wen im older i wanna sing. i love music especially hip hop, pop n rnb! the only thing is i hav very low self confidence n i wanna hav confidence but i just dont hav any. i get nervous easily n i worry bout things so easily. i was writin to u hopin, that u can write bak wen u can n give me sum advice on how to get far in my life like u hav n how to b confident.
frm stacey [last name] frm northern ireland
please write bak
thnx xx

* * * * *

Aug. 29, 2008:

what is your cell #

[It’s hard to be anonymous when your name, Tabitha [last name], is right there in your e-mail address.]

* * * * *

Oct. 22, 2008:

my names is jhonatan i like much of you!!!!i will speeak much of you.rule one email for [e-mail address] please!!!!!!!!

Oct. 23, 2008:

Raven I taste very of you please speak with me only I think about you .mande every day an email for [e-mail address] please .te I love of truth, but I only want that you at least .te talks with me loves!

[To be fair, I believe Jhonatan is from Brazil and his native language is Portuguese, as indicated by his e-mail address. To be unfair, JHONATAN?!]