Top 10 Movies That I Am Thinking of Right Now

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If you want to start a debate among movie fans, the easiest way is to ask, “What are the top 10 movies I’m thinking of right now?” Everyone’s going to have their own list of what movies I’m currently thinking of, and everyone’s going to defend that list passionately. So I know I’m wading into controversial waters here. But movie fandom is no place for cowards! So here is my definitive list.

Top 10 Movies That I Am Thinking of Right Now

10. “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”

This was a gimme. Some part of me is always thinking of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

9. “Hell Comes to Frogtown”

See previous comment.

8. “Mean Streets”

I know, I know — these “top 10 movies that I’m thinking of right now” lists ALWAYS include something by Scorsese. But there’s a good reason for that. It’s because I’m usually thinking of a Scorsese movie right now.

7. “Moulin Rouge”

The one from 1952, not the other one. This is probably a controversial choice for this list. In fact, it often appears on “top 10 movies I would never think of in a million years” lists, and here I am saying the opposite. I promise I’m not including it just to stir up debate. I really am thinking of it right now! I stand by that statement.

6. “Stand and Deliver”

I was only thinking of this movie for a second before I realized I was actually thinking of…

5. “Lean on Me”

Or maybe it was Stand and Deliver after all. Whichever one has Edward James Olmos beating high school students with a baseball bat.

4. “Zapped!”

Scott Baio and Willie Aames were the Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard of their day. But who are the Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard of our day? This haunts me.

3. “Arrested Development: The Movie”

This one might have been tricky to guess, since it doesn’t actually exist yet and probably never will. Nonetheless, I am thinking of it right now.

2. “Jaws IV: The Revenge”

The tagline was “This time, it’s personal,” which is applicable to so many situations that I find myself saying it nearly every day, and every time I do I remember that it’s from “Jaws IV: The Revenge,” and I think that if the guy who came up with that tagline got royalties every time it was used, he would have made more money by now than the movie itself did.

1. “Schindler’s List”

Like many people, I am filled with a sense of sadness and remorse when I contemplate the fact that I’ve never seen this movie.

Agree? Disagree? What do YOU think are the top 10 movies I’m thinking of right now?