All I See Is You

That's not her mouth. Who's the blind one here?!

“What is this movie about?” That’s what I jotted around the halfway point — awfully late for the question to still be necessary — of “All I See Is You,” a foggy psychosexual drama from director Marc Forster (“Finding Neverland,” “The Kite Runner”) that spins its wheels stylishly but doesn’t go anywhere.

Blake Lively stars as Gina, a blind American woman living in Bangkok with her much older, mildly Australian husband James (Jason Clarke), with whom she’s trying to have a baby. Surgical restoration of Gina’s sight (she’d lost it in a car wreck) changes the dynamics of their relationship: Gina doesn’t need James as much as before, and James isn’t able to control Gina as much as before.

But that’s my one-sentence summary of an obtuse, inscrutable story. The script (written by Forster and Sean Conway) meanders through subplots with Gina’s free-spirited sister, a missing dog, and a flirtatious neighbor that reinforce the basic idea of James no longer feeling necessary while obscuring what’s going on in Gina’s head, culminating in an abrupt climax and a “wait, what?” ending. What is this movie about? Never mind, I don’t care anymore.

C (1 hr., 49 min.; R, some nudity and graphic sexuality, some harsh profanity.)