The squad.

The narration at the beginning and end of “Bit” (and it’s never a good sign when a movie only has narration at the beginning and end) suggests something more satiric and self-aware than what we actually get, which is more like a distaff version of “The Lost Boys.” But as fun as a lesbian parody of “Twilight” might have been, the vivacious, slightly cheesy, feels-like-the-pilot-for-a-show-on-The-CW feminist vampire morsel delivered by writer-director Brad Michael Elmore isn’t bad either. It concerns disaffected 18-year-old Laurel (Nicole Maines) visiting her brother (James Paxton) in L.A. for the summer, where she falls in with a group of punk vampire girls who have a very strict “no boys allowed” policy (OK as food, not as converts) because men, it seems, tend not to wield vampiric powers responsibly. Laurel’s transition to bloodsucker is the focus of the story, with vampire-hunters and resurrected ancient evils in the periphery. It’s all about as good as low-budget vampire flicks tend to be, with an added flicker of righteous anger.

B- (1 hr., 30 min.; Not Rated, probably R for language, violence, and nudity.)