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Bleed for This

This is no time for back rubs!

There’s been a lot of misinformation out there lately, and we’re starting to see the consequences. For example, it used to be common knowledge that football, baseball, basketball, and auto racing were the most popular sports in America. But someone seems to have told Hollywood that our favorite sport is boxing, and that Hollywood should make more movies about boxing, and that we will never get tired of boxing movies, especially formulaic ones about real people.

The latest example, and the second half of a one-two punch that started with this summer’s Roberto Duran biopic “Hands of Stone,” is “Bleed for This,” about Providence, Rhode Island’s Vinny Pazienza. Fans of the Pazmanian Devil know the aspect of Pazienza’s biography that makes it worthy of the big-screen treatment (as will all who read the rest of this review), and perhaps they don’t mind sitting through 45 minutes of cookie-cutter boxing-movie cliches waiting for that moment to arrive. Non-fans, however, are stuck spending the first half of the movie wondering why they’re watching it, and the second half slowly realizing that they’re still wondering.

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C (1 hr., 56 min.; R, a lot of harsh profanity, some nudity, mild sexuality, boxing violence.)