Brick Mansions

If you’re game for a boldly ludicrous action vehicle that doesn’t wear out its welcome, you could do a lot worse than “Brick Mansions,” a frenetic lark in which a narcotics detective (Paul Walker in his last completed role) and a parkour-practicing vigilante (David Belle) team up to take down a drug lord (RZA) and save the walled-off ghettos of 2018 Detroit from a neutron bomb — all in less than 90 minutes without the credits. The French film it’s a remake of, “District B13,” had more parkour (both heroes did it, not just the one), but writer-producer Luc Besson’s unrestrained fondness for bombastic nonsense comes through in the translation. With cackling political villains, scenery-chewing kingpins, and a surplus of punchin’ and kickin’, it ain’t high art, but it gets the job done.

B (1 hr., 30 min.; PG-13, frenetic gunplay, violence and action throughout, language, sexual menace.)