She seems nice.

“Indignation” is the story of a headstrong Jewish atheist from New Jersey who goes to college in Ohio in 1951, feels repressed religiously and romantically, then receives a first-date sexual favor that derails his life. Ah, college! Tawdry though it may sound, it’s a prudent, old-fashioned movie, based on a Philip Roth novel and directed by James Schamus, writer/producer of several of Ang Lee’s highest-brow films. Logan Lerman (the once and future Percy Jackson) excels in his first mature role — notably in an erudite showdown with the college dean (Tracy Letts) — and is a sympathetic figure in this coming-of-age story about the consequences of youthful pride (and BJs).

B (1 hr., 50 min.; R, some fairly strong (but clothed) sexuality and language.)