Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

Those cute little rugrats called “The Rugrats” are back in a second big-screen adventure that is better than the first, with potty jokes for the kids and parodies of “The Godfather” and other films for the grownups.

Stu Pickles (voice of Jack Riley) is summoned to France to help repair the amusement-park ride he created, and he takes his kids and the other rugrats with him. Evil Coco LaBouche (Susan Sarandon), seeking to land herself a husband, tries to get her hooks into little Chuckie’s dad, Chas (Michael Bell). Chas (Christine Cavanaugh) is sad over the death of his mother and would like a new mom, but he knows Coco isn’t the right one.

True love wins out, of course, and the film is sweet in its own giddy way. There is much humor in the toddlers’ view of the adult world, and in the hijinks they get into in France. Fans of the TV show, particularly, will find nothing not to like in this version, and even non-fans may find themselves wondering why they haven’t been paying attention to the show all these years….

B (; G, with lots of potty humor.)