Yoga Hosers

yoga hosers

It’s bad form to spoil a movie’s best joke in a review, but “Yoga Hosers” only has one joke, so we don’t have much choice. Here’s the joke: Canada, am I right?? From what’s left of the mind of Kevin Smith comes this lazy, insular horror-comedy aimed at his most loyal followers and absolutely no one else, starring Harley Quinn Smith (his daughter) and Lily-Rose Depp (Johnny’s girl) as Winnipeg convenience store clerks and yoga enthusiasts who end up fighting “Bratzis”: anthropomorphic Nazi sausages that jump up people’s butts. The girls’ store is called Eh-2-Zed (get it? Canada!), and Smith was so proud of his Canadian cereal — Pucky Charms (hockey, get it?) — that he made sure the box was visible in every other scene. The film is nothing but inside jokes and celebrities indulgences (Johnny Depp reprises his nutty Quebecois character from Smith’s Tusk; Harley Quinn and Lily-Rose sing a song), and is the sort of thing you’d show to friends for a lark, not exhibit in theaters for money.


F (1 hr., 28 min.; PG-13, abundant crude humor, sexual references, comic violence, general idiocy.)