Snide Remarks Index

701Policies at Trump HospitalOct 9, 2019
700Memories of the Gay We WereMay 28, 2018
699Kicking and ScreeningMay 21, 2018
698Eric D. Snider: Boy Journalist (Part 3)Sep 19, 2017
697The Hole ProblemSep 12, 2017When I want food, I want it now
0696Eric D. Snider: Boy Journalist (Part 2)May 13, 2015More pieces from my 5th grade archives
0695Bake Me to ChurchMay 7, 2015Wedding cakes are now a divisive issue
0694Eric D. Snider: Boy JournalistApr 29, 2015The time a 5th grader wrote for the paper
0693Love and SectsJan 14, 2015'Gay Mormon' is not an oxymoron
0692Requiem for a GeoOct 9, 2013A surprise ending for a beloved old car
0691The End of All ThingsAug 21, 2013Our society has gotten too permissive
0690The Surly Urban JurorJul 24, 2013Doing one's civic duty, civilly or not
0689Proud FathersJul 3, 2013What would the Framers think of us now?
0688Supermania!Jun 12, 2013A refresher course on the Man of Steel
0687Truth DecayMay 2, 2013Why I'm voting against fluoridated water
0686Correction News NetworkApr 23, 2013CNN clarifies some of its prior coverage
0685Spring Breaking PointApr 10, 2013Relax and get aggravated at the movies!
0684What I Think About What You ThinkMar 26, 2013Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man
0683Empty PocketsMar 5, 2013Air travel means giving up on everything
0682Get Out of the Way, IdahoFeb 12, 2013Strict regulation of minor infractions
0681Jamaican Me CrazyFeb 5, 2013Adventures in getting offended by proxy
0680Low-Capacity MagazinesJan 15, 2013Another lesson in gossip interpretation
0679Anti-Anti-SemitismJan 8, 2013Hating Jews seems like a lot of work
0678Claus for ReflectionDec 18, 2012Assorted yuletide childhood memories
0677More MiserablesDec 11, 2012The musical of the book comes to movies
0676My Rejected ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2’ ScreenplayNov 20, 2012The timeless saga comes to its finale
0675Vegging OutNov 13, 2012My harrowing tale of not eating meat
0674Supernatural SelectionOct 30, 2012Spooky candidates debate the issues
0673PETA vs. PokemonOct 16, 2012Whoever wins, they're all still losers
0672Going Back to CaliOct 9, 2012In which I attend my high school reunion
0671Islam, You Slam, We All SlamOct 2, 2012On movies, Muslims, Christians, & movies
0670Painless Chair RemovalSep 11, 2012If I can't have it, then nobody can
0669Dumb and SummerSep 4, 2012The summer blockbuster season recap
0668Requiem for a ChairJun 19, 2012Farewell, my old friend that I sat on!
0667The First Man Ever to Decorate His Home with Hunting Trophies Tries to Sell His Wife on the Idea: A Dramatic MonologueJun 12, 2012
0666In Search of PiratesJun 5, 2012Hollywood's booty is being plundered
0665Yes We Cannes!May 29, 2012A brief sojourn in the land of bonjour
0664Los Churros del DiabloMay 8, 2012A subway-dwelling junk-food vendor
0663Wedding Your AppetiteApr 24, 2012Burning money with Brad & Angelina
0662ShAAMCOApr 10, 2012An encounter with a shady mechanic
0661The 2012 American Hunger GamesApr 3, 2012A live play-by-play commentary
0660Things to Do with Eric When He’s DeadMar 27, 2012My last requests, when the time comes
0659Bathroom of TerrorMar 6, 2012In which brief but awful things occur
0658A Novel ApproachFeb 21, 2012Books that are being made into films
0657Man Vs. AnimalFeb 14, 2012It's not clear which of us is smarter
0656A Game of QuartersJan 31, 2012Those sad, weird vending machines
0655The Hood LifeJan 17, 2012Discovering the benefits of hoodies
0654A Grimm View of PoliticsJan 10, 2012Fairy tales for our partisan times
0653Seething StarsJan 3, 2012Let's make fun of gossip magazines!
0652Joseph’s Blog: The Carin’ CarpenterDec 20, 2011An anecdote about poor hospitality
0651Indistinguishable, That’s What You AreDec 6, 2011Some products don't inspire loyalty
0650The Circle K of LifeNov 29, 2011The Snider boys' Christmas tradition
0649My Rejected ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 1’ ScreenplayNov 22, 2011I tried really hard on this one, too!
0648The Frog Days of SummerNov 8, 2011Marketing strategies for 'The Muppets'
0647Infant JestNov 1, 2011The many sights and sounds of babies
0646Soda SpeakOct 25, 2011What the new Dr Pepper means to you
0645The Super Bowl of the MindOct 18, 2011Taking part in some fantasy football
0644Open Mike NightOct 10, 2011Some observations about everyday life
0643Jews Your Words CarefullySep 19, 2011A dumb girl gets the wrong impression
0642ArachnophiliaSep 12, 2011A farewell to arms (all eight of them)
0641Summery JudgmentSep 5, 2011A recap of the 2011 blockbuster season
0640The Internet Reacts to the Upcoming Film Version of ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ 1939Aug 29, 2011The Internet Reacts to the Upcoming Film Version of 'The Wizard of Oz,' 1939
0639Freedom of DepressAug 22, 2011Recovering from the Great Depression
0638No Accounting for TasteAug 15, 2011Thrilling adventures in getting paid
0637For PETA’s SakeAug 1, 2011Meat, SeaWorld, Bob Barker, and you
0636The Apple of My iJul 25, 2011America's fastest-growing religion
0635Drunk ThoughtsJul 18, 2011How people think when they are tipsy
0634Positive BuzzJul 11, 2011Some folks can do whatever they want
0633Choosing Your Candid HateJun 27, 2011The types of people we won't vote for
0632Stand in the Place Where You WorkJun 20, 2011No more sitting down on the job
0631Goodwill HuntingJun 13, 2011Shopping with the great unwashed
0630The Summer TV PreviewJun 6, 2011What to watch when nothing else is on
0629Mysterious KinMay 30, 2011Keeping your baby's gender a secret
0628It Takes All KindsMay 23, 2011We are diverse, and also kind of fat
0627One Less BoogeymanMay 16, 2011The crackpots react to Osama's death
0626My Body Is a WonderlandMay 9, 2011Gross descriptions of gross things
0625A Matter of ControlMay 2, 2011Video games reveal that I am elderly
0624Soccer PunchApr 18, 2011Portland gets a new national pastime
0623Leaving in a HuffApr 11, 2011AOL's new friend kills Cinematical
0622Celeb Me Entertain YouApr 4, 2011Understanding the gossip magazines
0621South By South WetMar 21, 2011Remember the Alamo? It said shut up.
0620Bragtime MusicMar 14, 2011Please, rappers, a little humility
0619Rooster’s MillionsMar 7, 2011Fighting roosters, PETA, and Poe
0618My Rejected ‘Eclipse’ ScreenplayJul 5, 2010A holiday tradition continues
0617My Rejected ‘New Moon’ ScreenplayNov 23, 2009They wouldn't buy this one, either
0616The Great DepressionNov 16, 2009A really long story about a bad time
0615How Sweat It IsAug 3, 2009It's too hot! Make it stop! Cut it out!
0614Strange Encounters with the NeighborsJul 13, 2009And some lessons about drinking, too!
0613Ribald for Your PleasureJun 22, 2009Don't work blue around the old people
0612In Which It Is Hard to Throw Away a DeskJun 1, 2009Sorry, that trash can isn't for trash
0611Leaving the House, and Why I Don’t Want ToMay 18, 2009Being dragged out for purposes of fun
0610Receding AirlinesApr 6, 2009Let's watch them murder each other!
0609The 10 Types of Internet CommentsFeb 23, 2009Which kind of commenter are you?
0608PETA, PETA, Kitten EaterFeb 16, 2009Our favorite crazies are at it again
0607The Oaf of OfficeFeb 2, 2009Taking the politicians out of politics
0606The Book of HighdefJan 12, 2009Upgrading to a more divine television
0605The Best of ‘Snide Remarks’: 2008Dec 29, 2008Stuff from 2008 that didn't suck
0604The Latest in EdutainmentDec 22, 2008Movies can be very informative
0603Going PostalDec 15, 2008Fighting terrorism at the mailbox
0602A Message from Claus Inc.Dec 8, 2008The recession hits the North Pole
0601My Rejected ‘Twilight’ ScreenplayNov 24, 2008I tried to stay faithful to the book
0600The Gay Marriage ColumnNov 17, 2008The battle between homos and Mos
0599I’ll Be DarnedNov 10, 2008John L. Merrifield, 1926-2008
0598Boys Nintendon’t CryOct 27, 2008Brought to tears by video games
0597Fact CheckingOct 20, 2008Examining some of the candidates' claims
0596The Elephant in the WombOct 6, 2008The Oregon Zoo gets 300 pounds cuter
0595The Feeling Is MutualSep 29, 2008A letter to Eric's bank, Washington Mutual
0594Oh, Yeah. Canada.Sep 22, 2008Eric heads north for the Toronto International Film Festival
0593Your Candidate/My CandidateSep 15, 2008A lesson in spin-doctoring
0592The Heat Is OffSep 1, 2008The summer is over; here's the blockbuster recap
0591That’s So PETArdedAug 25, 2008Now they want to ruin SeaWorld
0590Uncle Morning ShiftAug 11, 2008Eric gets an early wake-up call
0589Bike CuriousAug 4, 2008The growing tension between drivers and bicyclists
0588The Fanboys Respond to ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ 1595Jul 21, 2008They were just as illiterate then as they are now
0587I Learned It from Watching YouJul 14, 2008What the movies have taught us this year
0586Gas PainsJul 7, 2008Tips on how to save gas
0585A Good Sense of RumorJun 30, 2008Eric interprets the gossip magazines again
0584Art DepreciationJun 9, 2008Partaking of New York's museums
0583YM I So Tired?Jun 2, 2008Eric looks for cheap accommodations in New York City
0582The Signs of New YorkMay 26, 2008Snapshots from a recent trip
0581An Exclusive Interview with Indiana JonesMay 19, 2008An exclusive interview with Indiana Jones
0580Brovaries, Duderus, Sirvix, Vaguyna, and Fellow-pian Tubes: A Guide to Male PregnancyMay 12, 2008A 'man' is pregnant, but only if 'man' is in finger quotes
0579Between Barack and a Hard PlaceApr 28, 2008Campaign exhaustion; a dumb pastor's church marquee
0578Defence Is De AnswerApr 21, 2008The border fence, Lou Dobbs, and treadmills
0577The China MonologuesApr 14, 2008Not everyone is thrilled about Beijing hosting the Olympics
0576Little-Known FactsApr 7, 2008Fascinating bits of trivia
0575WTF, TSA?Mar 31, 2008The Transportation Security Administration's FAQ
0574Artificially SwedenedMar 24, 2008The Ikea bandwagon pulls up
0573A Crock of ButtarsFeb 25, 2008A Utah politician puts his foot in it ... over and over again
0572A Visit to Mississippi, Part 2Feb 18, 2008Eric continues to attend the Oxford Film Festival
0571A Visit to Mississippi, Part 1Feb 11, 2008Eric attends the Oxford Film Festival
0570A Message from Mike HuckabeeFeb 4, 2008A message from Mike Huckabee
0569Male Pattern BadnessJan 7, 2008Feeling manly by doing stupid things
0568The Best of ‘Snide Remarks’: 2007Dec 31, 2007Highlights from this year's columns
0567War Is Hell (at the Box Office)Dec 17, 2007How to make a war movie that people will want to see
0566Unresolved IssuesDec 10, 2007Unwanted magazine subscriptions
0565Ask Eric Stuff 29Dec 3, 2007An occasional feature
0564You Panhandle the Truth!Nov 26, 2007It's the season of giving, whether you want to or not
0563The Perfect ThanksgivingNov 19, 2007Different viewpoints on the holiday
0562Striking TV Writers Are Forced to Find Other EmploymentNov 12, 2007Welcome to Starbucks!
0561The Saggy Bottom BoysOct 29, 2007Dallas takes action against underwear
0560A Nobel GestureOct 22, 2007Al Gore and the Dalai Lama win fabulous prizes
0559A Mild PinoyanceOct 8, 2007The Filipino community is enraged by 'Desperate Housewives'
0558Ahead of the CurvesOct 1, 2007The proliferation of gyms for women
0557The Best of ‘Snide Remarks’: 1997-2007Sep 24, 2007My 20 favorite columns
0556Uncle ShrekSep 17, 2007Eric's niece has exciting news to share with a cartoon character
0555Smells Like SummerSep 10, 2007A wrap-up of the 2007 summer blockbuster season
0554You’ll Laugh Your Smirnoff!Aug 27, 2007Eric almost becomes a comedy writer for Yakov
0553The Adventures of Spider and ManAug 20, 2007Eric's further dealings with the local arachnids
0552Ask Eric Stuff 28Aug 13, 2007The 28th edition of 'Ask Eric Stuff'
0551Spanks for the MemoriesAug 6, 2007Two boys go to jail for smacking a girl on the butt
0550Inexcusabull BehaviorJul 30, 2007Cruelty to kids, bulls, and dogs
0549Urine TroubleJul 23, 2007Eric's urethra stages a rebellion
0548Wand for the MoneyJul 16, 2007Fire sale on all the Harry Potter shtick we had lying around
0547Weapons of Tax DestructionJul 2, 2007Some conspiracy theorists refuse to pay Uncle Sam
0546Reaching for the StarsJun 25, 2007More lessons on how to interpret gossip magazines
0545Sein of the TimesJun 18, 2007'Seinfeld' for the 21st century
0544Getting TestedJun 11, 2007Eric finally gets an Oregon driver's license
0543Two to a WombJun 4, 2007A Dallas mom has three sets of twins -- but no husband or job
0542The Feminine MistakeMay 14, 2007Eric encounters a politically correct college professor
0541Windsor? I Hardly Knew HerMay 7, 2007The Queen visits America
0540Out on a LimboApr 30, 2007The Catholic Church rethinks where unbaptized babies go
0539Cheney RoastApr 23, 2007The vice president comes to BYU
0538Ask Eric Stuff 27Apr 16, 2007In which more questions are asked, answered
0537In Which Laziness Does Not Pay After AllApr 9, 2007Getting rid of the Tercel, and the troubles thereafter
0536Send in the Clowns … TO HELL!Apr 2, 2007News from the world of clowning
0535A Formal ApologyMar 26, 2007A sitcom star apologizes for a slur
0534Something Wiki This Way ComesMar 5, 2007The right-wing Christian alternative to Wikipedia
0533Whine-omingFeb 19, 2007Stranded in Wyoming, and then onward toward home
0532I Cannot Tell a LimonFeb 12, 2007A flat tire leads to an overnight stay in a Colorado town
0531Prizm BreakFeb 5, 2007Eric gets the car and heads west
0530Not Very ProgressiveJan 29, 2007A car accident is ignored
0529The Audubon Society’s Guide to Celebrity WatchingJan 22, 2007How to deal with famous people at Sundance
0528Ask Eric Stuff 26Jan 15, 2007Stuff continues to get asked
0527Uncle What’s-His-NameJan 1, 2007Eric has quality time with little Lindsay
0526The Best of ‘Snide Remarks’: 2006Dec 25, 2006Highlights from this year's columns
0525If It Happened TodayDec 18, 2006The Nativity story in a modern setting
0524Eternal Reward: $10,000Dec 4, 2006A flier advertising riches and salvation
0523Wii Are FamilyNov 27, 2006Thanksgiving at home with the family and Nintendo
0522Rumor with a ViewNov 20, 2006More of what gossip magazines say and what they really mean
0521Writing WrongsNov 13, 2006Being a freelance writer means never turning down a gig
0520The Current State of American Political Discourse: A Tragedy in One ActNov 6, 2006The template for political debates in 2006
0519Hot Library ActionOct 30, 2006Voting early, and the library tax
0518Muckoo for Mocoa MuffsOct 23, 2006Begun, the cereal wars have
0517Ken You Believe It?Oct 16, 2006My dinner with 'Jeopardy!' nerd Ken Jennings
0516Ask Eric Stuff 25Oct 9, 2006As sure as the sun rises in the east, people continue to ask Eric stuff
0515Cirque du So What?Oct 2, 2006Eric goes to the circus
0514A Whole Latte LoveSep 25, 2006Frivolous lawsuits and feeling entitled to things
0513Spider RemarksSep 11, 2006Eric's apartment comes with free arachnids
0512The Summer of Our DiscontentSep 4, 2006A roundup of the 2006 summer blockbuster season
0511Stinking to High HeavenAug 21, 2006Further developments in the world of smelly people
0510Shakes on a PlaneAug 14, 2006... are not allowed, and neither is any other beverage
0509The Sweet Mel of SuccessAug 7, 2006Mad Max says what's on his mind (column inc. musical number)
0508Don’t Rain on My ParadeJul 31, 2006Only dumb people write letters to Parade Magazine
0507I Was a Junket WhoreJul 24, 2006Eric goes on a press junket for a movie
0506Goin’ Back to BallyJul 17, 2006It's time to join a gym again
0505Nice Day for a White SweatingJul 10, 2006A very Smacky wedding
0504Boise in the HoodJul 3, 2006Eric almost gets shot in a Boise hotel
0503InventoryJun 26, 2006What's in the shower?
0502Ask Eric Stuff 24Jun 19, 2006People ask Eric stuff. Who can say why?
0501Junk in the TrunkJun 12, 2006Eric clears out some old things he had lying around in his gut
0500A Brief History of ‘Snide Remarks,’ by Noted Mythologist Joseph CampbellJun 5, 2006How the column has changed over the millennia
0499Stirring the PotMay 29, 2006Hyper-liberal P.C. crusaders and the cafes they frequent
0498Secret CombinationsMay 22, 2006Newfangled food and drink concoctions
0497I Just Need My SpaceMay 15, 2006Eric uses MySpace, misuses Wikipedia
0496(His)panic AttacksMay 8, 2006The debate over illegal immigration
0495Murder Most FowlMay 1, 2006When animals attack (and sometimes help)
0494The Bauers (or 24: The Sitcom)Apr 24, 2006What if America's favorite federal agent were a stay-at-home dad?
0493A Moving ExperienceApr 17, 2006Helping friends move
0492Patelling It Like It IsApr 10, 2006The guy who plagiarized Eric (and others) comes clean
0491Saving FaceApr 3, 2006Eric wants to not look quite so old
0490Computer? I Hardly Knew HerMar 27, 2006When 'customer service' is a computer that talks to you
0489Ask Eric Stuff 23Mar 20, 2006A special fifth anniversary edition
0488An eBay Transaction Goes AwryMar 13, 2006An eBay transaction goes awry
0487The High Goss of LivingMar 6, 2006How to read celebrity gossip magazines
0486Mrs. Movie Lady’s Oscar PicksFeb 27, 2006Francine Pickins, hack film critic, makes her predictions
0485Jihad to Be YouFeb 20, 2006Cartoons can be blasphemous, especially if you find blasphemy everywhere
0484Strangers on a TrainFeb 13, 2006Finding love in the most mundane of places
0483Long, Dark Night of the SoulFeb 6, 2006Eric OD's on chocolate
0482Ask Eric Stuff 22Jan 30, 2006People ask Eric stuff; Eric answers them; the circle of life continues
0481Total Bumper, ManJan 23, 2006Bumper stickers: Why?
0480French Kiss-OffJan 16, 2006Eric's class schedule runs into problems
0479Chatrooms of the 1950sJan 9, 2006Chatrooms of the 1950s
0478To Air Is HumanJan 2, 2006Flying is seldom pleasant
0477The Best of ‘Snide Remarks’: 2005Dec 26, 2005Highlights from this year's columns
0476I’ll Bemoan for ChristmasDec 19, 2005Holidays in the city, and Christmas carols, and stuff
0475Lady, It’s Cold InsideDec 12, 2005Eric takes thermostat matters into his own hands
0474God Rest Ye Southern GentlemenDec 5, 2005Alabama wants to put God where He belongs, on license plates
0473Beans and CornbreadNov 28, 2005Getting to know the neighbors, sort of
0472Swanks for the MemoriesNov 21, 2005A fancy-shmancy movie screening
0471Ask Eric Stuff 21Nov 14, 2005Got questions? Eric answers 'em
0470Nerd AuditionsNov 7, 2005Eric tries out for 'Jeopardy!'
0469Nation of the DeadOct 31, 2005President Hunsaker makes his annual address
0468Slightly OffspringOct 24, 2005Celebrities make the best parents
0467Not Without My TiVo!Oct 17, 2005Eric's new apartment and its technological drama
0466Getting More SmarterOct 10, 2005Eric goes back to school
0465Whine, Thank You, and You?Oct 3, 2005People in the news who complain too much
0464The Price is Right — Or Is It?Sep 26, 2005Eric analyzes 'The Price is Right,' because someone should
0463The Fall of Television, Unless I Already Used That Title OnceSep 19, 2005How TV shows go downhill
0462Blame It on the RainSep 12, 2005Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath
0461Ask Eric Stuff 20Sep 5, 2005The 20th edition of this world-famous feature
0460The Young and the ViewerlessAug 29, 2005Can you get hooked on a soap opera in one day?
0459Uncle Eric’s Grab BagAug 22, 2005A few urgent items that Eric had lying around
0458The Blog CabinAug 15, 2005Abraham Lincoln's blog
0457Note: A RepublicAug 8, 2005Getting things notarized
0456The Lease I Could DoAug 1, 2005The hardships inherent in apartment-hunting
0455Housesitting II: The Secret Life of Walter KittyJul 25, 2005Eric continues to sit as our story reaches a startling conclusion
0454Diary of a Mad HousesitterJul 18, 2005A house and its pets get sat by Eric
0453Wrong John SilverJul 11, 2005Eric has an unfortunate experience in a lavatory
0452Hooray for HollawoodJul 4, 2005Billboard's top 40 is bananas
0451Portland, Poor AgainJun 27, 2005Eric moves to Portland and gets a ticket
0450Ask Eric Stuff 19Jun 20, 2005Yet another edition of people asking Eric stuff
0449Dodger? I Hardly Knew Her!Jun 13, 2005The family goes to a Dodgers game
0448What Is Uncertainty?Jun 6, 2005A friendship in "Jeopardy!"
0447The Rainbow CorrectionMay 30, 2005Rainbows as harbingers of death
0446How to Hold Your QueenMay 23, 2005Even bad movies take a lot of time and effort to make
0445Northwest Side StoryMay 19, 2005Eric lists the things he will miss about The SLC
0444Taking a Wrong Turn at AlbuquerqueMay 16, 2005That bride who ran away (if only there were a catchy phrase to describe her...)
0443Good Copy, Bad CopyMay 9, 2005TV continues to steal from itself
0442PrestidigitationMay 2, 2005Turns out Wendy's does not serve fingers after all
0441Election DayApr 25, 2005On choosing a new pope
0440Art FailureApr 21, 2005Salt Lake arts are suffering
0439Turn Your Head and CoffeeApr 18, 2005The modern coffeeshop
0438Ask Eric Stuff 18Apr 11, 2005The questions, the answers, the spectacle, the majesty
0437Doesn’t Ad UpApr 4, 2005Some ads that don't make sense
0436RumspringaMar 28, 2005An Amish youth's experience with the outside world
0435Guilty PleasuresMar 24, 2005Everyone hopes Michael Jackson is guilty
0434The Guy Who Kept Being EverywhereMar 21, 2005A mysterious man and a wallet combine to form a tantalizing mystery
0433And a Grand Pa He Was, Too!Mar 14, 2005James Ray Snider, 1920-2005
0432Much Ado about MuffinsMar 7, 2005A great big fire, and also 'Million Dollar Baby'
0431The Betty IncidentFeb 28, 2005Eric's one run-in with BYU's Honor Code Office
0430Blood, SportsFeb 24, 2005Fighting and sports confuse some people (i.e., Eric)
0429B.S. and the BearFeb 21, 2005The mentally ill teddy bear debacle
0428Vaelentine’s Day is for LovresFeb 14, 2005Love makes British people do crazy things
0427Alone Again, NaturallyFeb 7, 2005Going to the movies can be depressing
0426Dancing with HeraldJan 31, 2005Eric's long, twisty history with Sundance
0425Weather? Or Not?Jan 27, 2005We should all talk about the weather
0424Ask Eric Stuff 17Jan 24, 2005Yarr! It be more askin' and answerin'
0423Embrace the Bauer WithinJan 17, 2005How to be a character on '24'
0422The Whole Kitten CaboodleJan 10, 2005Eric's apartment goes to the cats
0421Mrs. Movie Lady’s Top 10Jan 3, 2005Francine Pickens 'pickens' her top movies of 2004
0420Park WarsDec 30, 2004When businesses hog parking spaces
0419The Best of ‘Snide Remarks’: 2004Dec 27, 2004Highlights from this year's columns
0418You Are Listening to DelilahDec 20, 2004Delilah's special Christmas broadcast
0417The Curious Incident of the Moron in the Night-timeDec 13, 2004Eric gets locked out
0416Do You Hear What I Hear?Dec 6, 2004Learning about the neighbors simply by listening
0415Tsk, the SeasonDec 2, 2004Whose turn is it to make me feel Christmas-y?
0414Beaglely BlondeNov 29, 2004Ah, dogs. Dogs are great, aren't they?
0413Must-Not-See TVNov 22, 2004People were upset that ABC showed 'Saving Private Ryan'
0412WhacrilegiousNov 15, 2004What some people use Christianity as an excuse for
0411Roger Hunsaker, Zombie PresidentNov 8, 2004Our nation's first zombie president's acceptance speech
0410There Auto Be a LawNov 4, 2004No registration means you can't drive OR park
0409It Sox to be YouNov 1, 2004Sometimes the impossible happens
0408Ask Eric Stuff 16Oct 25, 2004Asky asky answery answery
0407Greet ExpectationsOct 18, 2004The efficiency of saying hello
0406Haven’t Got Time for the Payin’Oct 11, 2004Parking should be free, always, no matter what
0405Ten Little IdiotsOct 4, 2004Community theater in a town known for its spectacles
0404The Moore, the MerrierSep 27, 2004Michael Moore's imminent Utah appearance
0403Adicción: FlautasSep 20, 2004Eric gets addicted to flautas and bubblegum, almost simultaneously
0402Eric and the CitySep 13, 2004Eric's season premiere finds him with a new roommate
0401X Mars Its SpotsSep 9, 2004SLC's X96 is trying too hard to be cool
0400Summer Good, Summer NotSep 6, 2004A summary of the 2004 summer blockbusters
0399Lit Is for KidsAug 30, 2004Celebrities (and Eric) writing children's stories
0398A Fair to RememberAug 23, 2004Eric and the band tour a bunch of county fairs
0397Ask Eric Stuff 15Aug 16, 2004More a-askin' and a-answerin'
0396Movin’ On UpAug 12, 2004Eric tells City Weekly why he moved to SLC
0395Pimp, Pimp, Hooray!Aug 9, 2004Turning your car into a rumpus room
0394And Now, the NudesAug 2, 2004The trend toward immodesty
0393Goose Encounters of the Bird KindJul 26, 2004Eric meets a goose
0392Working Without a NetJul 19, 2004Enduring a weekend offline
0391Apolitical ScienceJul 12, 2004These are hard times for people who don't care about politics
0390Signs, Co-signs and TangentsJul 5, 2004Seeing the signs of the times
0389U-Haul Come Back Now, Ya Hear?Jun 28, 2004Eric moves onward and northward
0388Wal Together NowJun 21, 2004Is Wal-Mart destroying America?
0387Things are Different Now, But They Didn’t Used to beJun 14, 2004Everything changes, except the important stuff
0386Ask Eric Stuff 14Jun 7, 2004The return of people asking Eric stuff
0385Coming SoonMay 31, 2004Eric's plot outlines for new movies
0384Señor CleanMay 24, 2004The cleaning habits of Raoul
0383Underpants of the AncientsMay 17, 2004What the ancient Greeks wore under there
0382Please, Sir, Can I Have Samoa?May 10, 2004Fat people being thrown out of buffets
0381Papa Was a Swollen StoneMay 3, 2004An allergic reaction to eyebrow waxing
0380A Guy Old TimeApr 26, 2004Doing Guy stuff in an attempt to be a real Guy
0379Caesarean SaladApr 19, 2004Crazy childbirth stories
0378Oregon TransplantApr 12, 2004Spending time in Portland is a gas
0377Doing TiempoApr 5, 2004Eric visits his roommate in jail
0376Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric EricMar 29, 2004Saying people's names makes them happy
0375The Box Cutter RebellionMar 22, 2004A run-in with an unusual eBay trader
0374Hung: Out to DryMar 15, 2004"American Idol" is now producing non-stars, too
0373Tightening the BeltMar 8, 2004Unemployment means modifying one's spending habits
0372Unemployment is Absolutely FabulistOct 9, 2003Eric reviews a book by a fellow disgraced journalist
0371Darkness FallsAug 24, 2003The blackout of 2003
0370Wimp DaddyAug 17, 2003Why I'm a big fat wimp (Eric's last Daily Herald column)
0369I Can See Queerly NowAug 10, 2003The trend of gay-themed television
0368Battening down the HatchAug 3, 2003A proposed change to the Constitution
0367Trailer ParkJul 27, 2003Movie trailers
0366No Need to Get CrabbyJul 20, 2003People who are abrasive to everyone
0365Are We Not Men? We Are TiVoJul 13, 2003The magical world of TiVo
0364Cedar? I Hardly Knew Her!Jul 6, 2003The Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City
0363Spelling CountsJun 29, 2003Crazy people and magic
0362He Had It ComingJun 22, 2003Women kill their husbands
0361Persistence Can be DisarmingJun 15, 2003Getting over stuff
0360No Pirate Be IJun 8, 2003Crackdown on movie piracy
0359Reigning Like Julius TweezerJun 1, 2003Waxing philosophical about eyebrows
0358Pet PeevesMay 25, 2003PETA responds to various animal stories
0357A Big Hit at the Box OfficeMay 11, 2003Football player punches loudmouth
0356Diablo-in’ in the WindMay 4, 2003Streets named after Satan
0355Mister WindApr 20, 2003The mall brings back childhood memories
0354UVSC Jokes: Do Not IngestApr 13, 2003Making fun of UVSC is just too easy
0353The Need for SpeedApr 6, 2003A possible change in speed limits
0352Protest Too MuchMar 30, 2003War protesters
0351A Little Good NewsMar 23, 2003The curious case of Elizabeth Smart
0350Under the InfluenceMar 16, 2003Does MTV make us do stuff?
0349Don’t You Hate Crimes?Mar 9, 2003The hate crimes bill
0348Fear and Loathing in Utah ValleyMar 2, 2003The bashing of foreigners
0347Thinking Outside the BoxFeb 23, 2003Surprising Mom for her birthday
0346The Doughnut SituationFeb 16, 2003Some troubling economic matters
0345Russian into ThingsFeb 9, 2003A mail-order bride catalog
0344Stuff HappensFeb 2, 2003Eric becomes a dog-sitter
0343Shore EnoughJan 26, 2003An encounter with Pauly Shore
0342The Nayme GaimmeJan 19, 2003Silly names that people give their kids
0341A Clone Again, UnnaturallyJan 12, 2003An alien-based religion makes clones
0340Apathetic DisplayJan 5, 2003Some things I don't care about
0339The Best of ‘Snide Remarks’: 2002Dec 29, 2002Highlights from this year's columns
0338Merry, Merry, and Quite ContraryDec 22, 2002Holiday spending
0337Ask Eric Stuff 13Dec 15, 2002Questions are sidestepped; issues dodged
0336I Would Sit 500 MilesDec 8, 2002Baby-sitting two little kids
0335A Plazable SolutionDec 1, 2002The Main Street Plaza controversy
0334An Embarrassment of Richard’sNov 24, 2002A controversy at Deseret Book
0333Killing Me BadlyNov 17, 2002Recent examples of sloppy murdering
0332Cover UpNov 10, 2002Magazine covers being obscured
0331You’re Driving Me Mentally Illnessed!Nov 3, 2002Crazy people, and the people who get offended for them
0330Know ThyselfOct 27, 2002Some people don't know they're buffoons
0329Blind and DefOct 23, 2002My senses fail
0328Les Is MoreOct 9, 2002The case of the Spanish Fork lesbians
0327A Novel ConceptOct 6, 2002Books are long; magazines are short
0326You Have the Right to Remain FatOct 2, 2002Jeff goes to jail
0325School BitesSep 29, 2002Show-and-tell
0324The Fall of TelevisionSep 25, 2002Formulas for creating new TV shows
0323Some Body to LoveSep 22, 2002Taking care of our bodies
0322The Bad Old DaysSep 18, 2002Why life is more interesting now
0321Left BehindSep 15, 2002Restaurant leftovers
0320Thank God It Was a Nice DaySep 11, 2002A year later
0319Milking ItSep 8, 2002PETA vs. dairy products
0318The Problems of the CuteSep 4, 2002Recent photos taken of Eric
0317The Sardonic VersusSep 1, 2002Various specific conflicts are addressed
0316A Life of LiteracyAug 28, 2002Eating alone, and becoming enraged
0315The Parent RapAug 23, 2002Mom and Dad keep getting older
0314Scream of ConscienceAug 21, 2002When the conscience is slow in speaking up
0313Dumber BlockbustersAug 16, 2002A summary of the summer films
0312PorygamyAug 14, 2002A Japanese view of a Utah subculture
0311Utah’s Cleanest Home VideosAug 9, 2002Movie editing in Utah
0310UVS-Legitima-CAug 7, 2002UVSC's athletic program advances
0309Shmildren of ShmedenAug 2, 2002Why we don't deserve good theater
0308The Best FriendsJul 31, 2002Home teaching
0307Ask Eric Stuff 12Jul 26, 2002You know the drill
0306Are We There Yet?Jul 24, 2002A pioneer journal
0305A&FtermathJul 19, 2002Abercrombie & Fitch says Provo is boring
0304Ann Landers’ Final ColumnJul 17, 2002Ann Landers' final column
0303The Royal TreatmentJul 12, 2002Queen Elizabeth II visits a chatroom
0302Seating DisorderJul 10, 2002Fat people and Southwest Airlines
0301Butt Seriously, FolksJul 5, 2002The Toby Keith profanity controversy
0300What Fools These Cross-Dressers BeJul 3, 2002Shakespeare and Cedar City
0299Generation EricJun 28, 2002We're not very good at controlling ourselves
0298Making Fun of StrangersJun 26, 2002Making fun of strangers
0297Chang of SubjectJun 21, 2002New restaurants at the mall
0296I’m in the Nude for LaughsJun 19, 2002The Naked Story
0295The Stupid AgendaJun 14, 2002Just keep 'em away from me
0294Ask Eric Stuff 11Jun 12, 2002Etc.
0293CodypendentJun 7, 2002Cody Judy for Congress!
0292Fee InstallationJun 5, 2002Buying a stereo at RC Willey
0291Some Book ReviewsMay 31, 2002Some book reviews
0290Zombie for MayorMay 29, 2002At a small town's political debate
0289PETA’s DragonMay 24, 2002PETA gets involved in the school mascot debate
0288A Limited-Time OfferMay 22, 2002A call from a telemarketer
0287SinceriouslyMay 17, 2002Saying what you really mean
0286An Attack on the ClonesMay 15, 2002"Star Wars" mania and spoilers
0285Ask Eric Stuff 10May 10, 2002If you ask it, Eric will answer it
0284Bo and HopelessMay 8, 2002A Very Special Episode of "Days of Our Lives"
0283Sympathy for the DoofusMay 3, 2002Strangers I feel sorry for
0282To Bee in DawlishMay 1, 2002Visiting friends in England
0281In SecurityApr 26, 2002The gloom and doom of airports
0280The Devil’s in the CottontailsApr 24, 2002Illegal rabbits, and Red Devils
0279Humid NatureApr 19, 2002A visit to Florida, our moistest state
0278It’s Funny Because It’s TrueApr 17, 2002The sequel to 'The Singles Ward'
0277The Upchuck of Western CivilizationApr 12, 2002MTV leads us downhill
0276The Incident of the ShoesApr 10, 2002A light comedy in three acts
0275NASTYCARApr 5, 2002Auto racing
0274The Issue of StinkApr 3, 2002Smelly people always anger the readers
0273Hostel TakeoverMar 29, 2002Staying at a hostel in London
0272French StenchMar 27, 2002Stinky Fat Black French Girl
0271St. AppallingMar 22, 2002A visit to St. Paul's Cathedral
0270Cross Words at JFKMar 20, 2002Stuck at the airport for nine hours
0269The Vegetable WarMar 8, 2002The official state vegetable of Utah
0268TV Gets DumberMar 6, 2002VH1 and "Pup Stars"
0267The Whole Sac ShimmiesMar 1, 2002Buying a Love Sac
0266Words of Inspiration: MaybeFeb 27, 2002Some things to think about
0265Olympics Report: The Summary GamesFeb 24, 2002A wrap-up of the Olympics
0264Olympics Report: Not Our FaultFeb 23, 2002Whatever went wrong, it wasn't Utah's fault
0263Olympics Report: It’s a Bud, Bud, Bud, Bud WorldFeb 22, 2002Downtown Salt Lake City
0262Olympics Report: Roots StirFeb 21, 2002Roots berets are all the rage
0261Olympics Report: There Is Nothing Like a DaneFeb 20, 2002Breakfast with the Danish
0260Olympics Report: CondomnationFeb 19, 2002Free condoms = poor values?
0259Olympics Report: The PeaksFeb 17, 2002Provo's own venue
0258Olympics Report: Ice SageFeb 16, 2002The Nu Skin World of Ice
0257Olympics Report: A Sorry State of AffairsFeb 15, 2002I humbly apologize
0256Olympics Report: Canadian Beggin’Feb 14, 2002The figure skating controversy
0255Olympics Report: Women’s Hockey Is FinnishedFeb 13, 2002Chick hockey!
0254Olympics Report: Smokin’ the Half-PipeFeb 12, 2002Snowboarding at the Games
0253Olympics Report: How Much Does Bob Costas?Feb 10, 2002Opening Ceremony commentary
0252Olympics Report: Tired of TrademarksFeb 9, 2002Closely guarded copyrights
0251Olympics Report: The MolympicsFeb 8, 2002The Mormon influence on the Games
0250Ask Eric Stuff 9Feb 6, 2002As long as people keep askin', Eric will keep answerin'
0249The U.N. ColumnFeb 1, 2002People who are afraid of the U.N.
0248No OffenseJan 30, 2002A column that everyone can enjoy
0247Gus MileageJan 25, 2002They really, really are, part 2
0246Towed You SoJan 23, 2002Tow-truck drivers are idiots, part 1
0245Sundance Report: Short CutsJan 18, 2002Short films
0244Sundance Report: ObsessionJan 17, 2002Interviewing Parker Posey and some other people
0243Sundance Report: Dressed to KillJan 16, 2002Fashion at Sundance
0242Sundance Report: The Ten CommandmentsJan 15, 2002How to make a Sundance movie
0241Sundance Report: Almost FamousJan 14, 2002Celebrities at the festival
0240How to Behave at the TheaterJan 11, 2002How to behave at the theater
0239Barking up the Wrong TriageJan 9, 2002Hospitals are fun
0238Special FXJan 4, 2002Addicted to "Buffy"
0237Delta Bad HandJan 2, 2002A canceled flight, and more
0236The Best of ‘Snide Remarks’: 2001Dec 28, 2001Excerpts from this year's columns
0235An Obsessive-Compulsive ChristmasDec 26, 2001Snider family traditions
0234.5Master of the UniverseDec 21, 2001Eric's mentor is fired
02342,001 Angry LettersDec 19, 2001A wrap-up of the year's hate mail
0233Ask Eric Stuff 8Dec 14, 2001A Very Special Christmas Episode of Ask Eric Stuff
0232Comfy KOSY Are WeDec 12, 2001Too much Christmas spirit
0231Blame EveryoneDec 7, 2001A frivolous lawsuit from the Weyments
0230Quash the Ravin’Dec 5, 2001Raves, Ecstasy, and dancing in Provo
0229What You MissedNov 30, 2001Soap opera summaries
0228Airport InsecurityNov 28, 2001Flying in the modern world
0227Tux to Be YouNov 23, 2001Being best man at a wedding
0226Thanksgiving PredictionsNov 21, 2001Thanksgiving predictions
0225The Requisite Rivalry ColumnNov 16, 2001BYU vs. U of U
0224Me, Too?Nov 14, 2001Yes, U2
0223Dewey Think That’s Funny?Nov 9, 2001Stuff that's allegedly not funny now
0222Bored of the DanceNov 7, 2001Ballet and opera
0221The Great RecessionNov 2, 2001The state of the economy, and newspaper cutbacks
0220How to Speak MormonOct 31, 2001What we say, and what we mean by it
0219Worst Local JournalistOct 28, 2001My acceptance speech
0218Best Local JournalistOct 28, 2001My acceptance speech
0217Circular ReasoningOct 26, 2001A sign outside of Wendy's
0216Ask Eric Stuff 7Oct 24, 2001Again with the asking Eric stuff
0215Mullet overOct 19, 2001Mullets and other bad things
0214The Comedy of Village InnOct 17, 2001An absurdist play in one act by Eric D. Snider
0213[Insert ‘Butt’ Joke Here]Oct 12, 2001Smoking.
0212The Importance of Peeing EarnestOct 10, 2001A crazy anti-Afghanistan fellow
0211Let’s Mecca DealOct 5, 2001Why we shouldn't kill Muslims
0210The FuntasticksOct 3, 2001Telemarketers
0209Aging BullSep 28, 2001Stuff to whine about when I'm old
0208Money Makes My Head Go ‘RoundSep 26, 2001Personal finances
0207Checking It outSep 21, 2001The new Provo library
0206I Don’t Have A CLUSep 19, 2001The ACLU
0205September 11Sep 14, 2001Moving on
0204I PETA the FoolSep 7, 2001People for the Ethical Treatment of Fake Animals
0203Ask Eric Stuff 6Sep 5, 2001People just won't stop asking Eric stuff