An Exclusive Interview with Indiana Jones

(Note: This feature does not contain any spoilers — unless your definition of “spoiler” is “any information whatsoever about a movie, no matter how widely it has already been disseminated.”)

“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” arrives in theaters this Thursday — or at midnight Wednesday night, actually, if you feel like having some late-night adventures. In honor of this sacred event, we’ve scored a major coup: an audio interview with Indiana Jones himself! Let’s listen!

Click here to hear the interview.

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Indy’s policy on Soviets is remarkably similar to his policy on Nazis.

I recorded something like this for the Harry Potter film last year and enjoyed the process so much I thought I'd do another one. If your computer does not have audio capabilities, then I am sorry to report that you are out of luck this week for "Snide Remarks." Of course, you're also out of luck in a lot of other ways because, seriously, what kind of computer in 2008 doesn't have sound?

These sorts of "interviews," where clips from popular songs are used as the responses, go way back to the early days of rock 'n' roll, with Dickie Goodman as the pioneer. You might even remember, as I do, hearing Goodman's "E.T." interview on the radio back in 1982, and his "Jaws" interview in 1975 actually made it to #4 on the Billboard charts. (Radio stations were more adventurous in those days.)

Goodman's legacy was continued by Whimsical Will of radio's "Dr. Demento Show." Will has done one of these for a summer blockbuster every year since 1986, when it was "Howard the Duck" (um, people thought it was going to be a blockbuster at the time). In fact, his website reports that his entry for 2008 is also for "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," but I haven't heard it yet.

This comment was so well beloved by readers (see comments posted below) that it prompted Hillary Clinton to write about it.