Chatrooms of the 1950s

iluvloosey: did u see lucy last nite???
rickynelsonfan3: omg
lvt2bvr: so funny
iluvloosey: “vita-meeta-vegamin!”
hounddog: rofl
iluvloosey: i was rofl
rickynelsonfan3: haha
lvt2bvr: pretty racey
paulstanka: ya
lvt2bvr: i didnt no they could show people being drunk on tv
paulstanka: ya my dad was mad
paulstanka: he was gonna call cbs and complane
paulstanka: i was like “shut up and have a drink dad” 🙂
mousketear: lol
rok&rollll: OMG!!
rok&rollll: i just heard evlis is gonna be on ed sullivan!!
rok&rollll: elvis
hounddog: ya
hounddog: you didn’t know?
hounddog: we were talking about it last nite
rok&rollll: oh
rok&rollll: i was at a sock hop last night
hotrodder: a suck hop?
mousketear: lol
iluvloosey: ??
rok&rollll: what duz that mean?
hotrodder: i dunno
hotrodder: sock just sounds like suck
iluvloosey: ya but what does suck have to do with a sock hop?
hotrodder: nothing
hotrodder: forget it
hotrodder: rolls eyes
rok&rollll: you cant just make up new slang, hotrodder
rickynelsonfan3: elvis on sullivan will be so swell!!
rok&rollll: ya that is totally keen
hotrodder: paulstanka, will ur dad be mad about it? 😉
paulstanka: hehe
paulstanka: ya, prolly
beetnick: elvis is squaresville
hounddog: shut up!!!
rok&rollll: he is not!
iluvloosey: ur just jelous of him
beetnick: elvis is a fairy
iluvloosey: ???
hounddog: like tinkerbell?
beetnick: no i mean queer
hounddog: well hes kind of strange
beetnick: NO
beetnick: i mean he”s a homosexual
hounddog: wtf?
rok&rollll: a waht?
iluvloosey: what is that?
hounddog: oh i heard my dad say that word
hounddog: about my uncle
beetnick: ya
rok&rollll: elvis isnt a fairy!!
hounddog: u think all boy singers r fairies
beetnick: duh
beetnick: cuz they are
iluvloosey: troll
iluvloosey: beetnick just likes to make people mad
mousketear: omg you guys
mousketear: did u see my school on the news?????????
rickynelsonfan3: no
hounddog: no
iluvloosey: no
beetnick: on
beetnick: er, no
hotrodder: no
hounddog: what happened?
mousketear: omg
mousketear: the police came
rok&rollll: y???
mousketear: a student had chewing gum!
rok&rollll: omg
iluvloosey: :-O
rickynelsonfan3: *hugs mousekeater*
hounddog: ((((((mouseketear))))))
rok&rollll: are u ok?
mousketear: ya
mousketear: it was scary tho
mousketear: the cops came
mousketear: and took the gum
mousketear: and the kid went to jail
rok&rollll: omg
hotrodder: that is crazy
mousketear: you here about that kind of thing in new york but i wuldnt think it wuld happen here
hotrodder: paulstanka, ur dad should call cbs and complane
hotrodder: 🙂
paulstanka: shut up about my dad!!
hotrodder: lol
rickynelsonfan3: ur dad is []’sville
rickynelsonfan3: square
rickynelsonfan3: get it?
hotrodder: ya we get it

I was chatting with some friends via Instant Messenger not long ago when one of them noticed AOL still had a chatroom established for the TV show "Joe Millionaire" -- which aired three years ago -- and what's more, that people were actually IN the chatroom. This led to sarcastic remarks about AOL's chatrooms for other defunct, long-forgotten things, and I hit on the idea of doing a chatroom from the 1950s.

It was fun to nose around the Internet to get a feel for who teenagers' icons would have been in about 1956. Paul Anka? I thought. Really? I guess kids have never been bastions of discretion or good taste.

On the Elvis thing: Nowadays, anytime a young, attractive male singer or actor arrives on the scene, there are immediately rumors that he's gay. I figured if there were chatrooms in the '50s, the same thing would have happened to Elvis. (Fittingly, yesterday, Jan. 8, was Elvis' birthday. Happy birthday, dead Elvis!)