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Why do you haunt me, Raven-Symone?

I received an e-mail from someone named “Keyamaz,” at the address The e-mail read:

Can you e-mail me Raven-symone
e-mail address so i can keep in touch with my god sister!!!

Now, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you are thinking: Eric just wrote an item on people who foolishly think he has celebrities’ e-mail addresses just because he reviews their movies. And in fact, Raven-Symone was the very celebrity who prompted that blog entry!

I thought the same thing. I figured this person, this “Keyamaz,” had to be kidding. So I responded:

Um… You’re kidding, right?

[link to above-cited blog entry]

I assume you have read that and you are making a joke in reference to it.
If you have not read it, please do.


Keyamaz then sent two replies. In one of them, he/she pasted the entire page I had referred him/her to and then said, “it did not tell raven-symone email address.” In the other reply, he/she said:

Well I read it and couldn’t find Raven-symone e-mail address well can you e-mail me her e-mail please god bless….

To this one I replied thus:

OK, now I KNOW you must be joking.

If you read it, then that means you now know the following things:

1. I do not have the e-mail address for Raven Symone or for any other celebrity.

2. Even if I did, I would not give it out.

So either you are playing a joke on me, or else you did not actually read the link I gave you, or else you are very, very stupid. Please let me know which it is.


Keyamaz replied:

ummm you tell me and ok bye-bye now and 4ever

I give Keyamaz credit, though. Most people establish their stupidity in only one e-mail; he/she managed to drag it out to four e-mails before his/her stupidity was confirmed.

4 Responses to “Why do you haunt me, Raven-Symone?”

  1. Keyamaz Says:

    Oh it’s Me!!!!! I back!!!! I want to ask you again, but just think about it…it might just pop up in your head. *pop*

  2. Keyamaz Says:

    im not stupid either

  3. Keyamaz Says:

    and can you delete that entry thing with my email address??

  4. David Says:

    hahaha. Keyamaz is 100% awesome!

    Also, what was the benefit of including his/her email address?

    I can only think of:

    1)to establish that it is a girl
    2) not just any girl but a SHAKEEMA girl.
    3) she is probably in the range of 8 years old.

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