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Mother Nature thwarted, & other news

It’s a Christmas miracle! When I called the airline Monday night to see how to proceed with my refund after my flight was canceled, the ticket agent did some checking and found ONE seat on ONE flight Wednesday at 6:50 a.m. She booked me on the flight, but I still wasn’t holding out much hope, since the weather forecast called for more snow and ice in the wee hours leading up to the departure time.

But the flight wasn’t canceled, the snow held off long enough for us to take off, and now I’m home in California for Christmas, just like I’m supposed to be! Huzzah!

This doesn’t mean Mother Nature is on our side again, though. That’s exactly what that duplicitous tart wants us to think. My war against her continues unabated, and she will know of my wrath.

Now, on to the movies!

This week’s edition of Eric’s Bad Movies at features the 1988 headache-inducer “Ernest Saves Christmas,” in which a two-thousand-year-old holiday is somehow saved by the efforts of an imbecilic moonshiner. Enjoy.

This is also your Friday Movie Roundup, by the way, but ‘cept a little early to cover the Christmas Day releases, which are as follows:

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” a technically marvelous epic story starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.

“Valkyrie” (review at, in which Tom Cruise wears an eyepatch and tries to kill Hitler and has much better luck with one task than with the other.

“Bedtime Stories” (review at, starring Adam Sandler as Adam Sandler.

“The Spirit,” based on an old comic book and a complete train wreck from start to finish.

“Marley & Me,” which screened at the same time as “Bedtime Stories.” I chose the latter only because it was closer to my house. I’ll hit “Marley & Me” (which stars Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and a dog) at some point.

“Doubt,” which has been in limited release, is expanding wider this weekend. I just barely got my hands on a DVD screener and will review it shortly.

And there you go. I’m nestled within my family’s bosom for Christmas, having escaped Portland’s winterpocalypse, and Santa’s on his way! Merry Christmas!

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5 Responses to “Mother Nature thwarted, & other news”

  1. whome Says:

    Congrats on your escape!

  2. Linda Says:

    Glad you got out. Mother Nature still owes you big time, don’t let up. Love reading here, thanks. Merry Christmas!

  3. Ryan Says:

    Does this mean I don’t get brownies?

  4. Thoughtful Observer Says:

    I’m glad you were able to get home for the holidays. It is very difficult to be away from family if you’re used to be with them, and holidays are a time to celebrate. Merry Christmas!

  5. Carrie Says:

    I feel like I need you, or someone, to photoshop your head over Andy’s in that picture of your mom with Andy popping out of her bosom.

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