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Weekly link roundup – Oct. 15-21


“The Three Musketeers” (F) []
“Johnny English Reborn” (C) []
“Paranormal Activity 3” (B-)

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Eric’s Bad Movies: “The Allnighter” (1987), best known as the movie that launched Bangles lead singer Susanna Hoffs’ film career, and also un-launched it. []

What’s the Big Deal?: “Sophie’s Choice” (1982), starring Meryl Streep and her huge acting muscles. []

Re-Views: “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” (2001), a film whose praises I couldn’t sing loudly enough in 2001. And now? Um… []

One Year Ago: Catching up with “Paranormal Activity 2,” “Hereafter,” and more. []

How the ‘Paranormal Activity’ Formula Would Work in Other Genres: Some scintillating possibilities are proposed! []

The Timeline for Winning Best Picture: Pay heed, filmmakers, for this is your checklist. []

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Snide Remarks: “The Super Bowl of the Mind” — Taking part in some fantasy football

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider: We both really hated “The Three Musketeers,” I’ll tell you that much. [] or [iTunes]

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Twitter: Actually, my last 100 tweets have been about “The Three Musketeers,” so maybe you don’t want to follow me after all. [Twitter]

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Here is a soundboard with the various noises one hears from a devoted audience member at an art-house movie. [Wonder-Tonic]

Jonathan Poritsky wrote about a frivolous lawsuit that someone filed against “Drive” for having a misleading trailer and for being anti-Semitic. The attorney representing the case — Martin H. Leaf — posted insane comments in response. It’s pretty awesome. [The Candler Blog]

Another good reason to read Kris Straub’s webcomic Chainsawsuit regularly. [Chainsawsuit]

This awkward “Wheel of Fortune” moment is the result of clever editing and didn’t really happen, but it’s funny. Timing is everything. [YouTube]

What an adorable baby cyclops albino shark! [Daily Mail]

Finally, here’s a montage of moments from Very Special Episodes of various ’80s and ’90s TV shows. “What is it, a potluck?!” [YouTube]

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