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Link roundup for the last few weeks

March has been a busy month for me, with a trip to Austin for the South By Southwest Film Festival, thence to Houston to visit friends, thence to a private hospital in Zurich for a few “procedures.” The last one of these link roundups I posted was March 2, so here’s pretty much everything that’s happened since then.

(Also: Snide Remarks will be back this week after two weeks off.)


“Casa de Mi Padre” B+
“Coriolanus” B
“Friends with Kids” B+
“The Hunger Games” B
“Jeff, Who Lives at Home” B+
“John Carter” C+
“The Raid: Redemption” B+
“Silent House” B+
“21 Jump Street” B

* * * * *


“Bernie” B
“The Cabin in the Woods” A
“Fat Kid Rules the World” A-
“Funeral Kings” B+
“God Bless America” B-
“REC 3: Genesis” B-
“Sinister” B+
“Somebody Up There Likes Me” B
“The Tall Man” C

* * * * *


Eric’s Bad Movies: “Slappy and the Stinkers” (1998), starring Bronson Pinchot, children, and a seal.

What’s the Big Deal?: “Nanook of the North” (1922) / “Patton” (1970).

Re-Views: “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” (2002) / “Million Dollar Baby” (2004).

Random column: What Household Items Will Become Movies After the Board Games Are Used Up?

* * * * *


Snide Remarks: “Bathroom of Terror” — In which brief but awful things occur.

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  1. Joe in Seattle Says:

    The Patton link doesn’t work. Try:

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