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Weekly link roundup – April 9-15


“Blue Like Jazz” C
“Bully” B
“The Cabin in the Woods” A
“The Three Stooges” C

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Eric’s Bad Movies: “House on Haunted Hill” (1999), starring Geoffrey Rush, Taye Diggs, and Chris Kattan. So you know it’s super-scary.

Re-Views: “Drowning Mona” (2000), a comedy I hated then, find mildly entertaining now.

My Shame List: “The French Connection” (1971), now at last finally seen by me.

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Snide Remarks: “ShAAMCO” — An encounter with a shady mechanic

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The new Three Stooges’ painfully awkward appearance on “WWE Raw.” Look, if you can’t sell The Three Stooges to a crowd of professional wrestling fans, I don’t know who you’re gonna sell it to. [AV Club]

Related to that last item, my pal John Gholson — who knows a lot about pro wrestling and awkward promotions — shares some other cringe-inducing WWE product placement. []

The 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking and the re-release of the movie “Titanic” gives me an excuse to mention this parody I wrote 14 years ago. It’s still probably the most widely distributed thing I’ve ever written. [Clash of the Titanic]

“Don’t Stop Believing,” as sung by clips from movies. This is amazing. [YouTube]

DGA Quarterly (that’s the Directors Guild of America) has a terrific nuts-and-bolts interview with Christopher Nolan, who comes out as anti-3D and anti-digital. He also offers this bit of truth: “You’re never going to learn something as profoundly as when it’s purely out of curiosity.” [DGA]

First go see “The Cabin in the Woods.” Then, after you have done that, read Rex Reed’s hilariously off-base and inaccurate review of it. He talks about things that aren’t in the movie, because he dreamed them, maybe? [New York Observer]

One Response to “Weekly link roundup – April 9-15”

  1. Biff Tannen Says:

    Eric: Is Rex Reed’s review really any more hilariously inaccurate than Roger Ebert’s? Rex’s bit about thinking there’s some sort of pay-per-slay framework in place is pretty amazingly inept, I grant you. But Rog’s review, positive though it is, reads like he took a nap after the first 10 minutes or so and asked someone what happened after he woke up. I don’t get how either of them could have confused the actual plot so badly, other than that they’re both senior citizens. I didn’t think it was hard at all to “get” what was happening.

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