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Snide Remarks flashback: Christmas!

It is Christmastime! I can tell because my head is full of mucus and phlegm, and I’m coughing a lot. In lieu of a new column this week, here are some yuletide offerings from yesteryear that might make your heart glow. (Please consult a doctor if your heart glows for longer than four hours.)

“The Christmas Christmas” (12/17/1999): Those sappy heart-warming Christmas stories.
“Merry, Merry, and Quite Contrary” (12/22/2002): Getting into the holiday spirit by buying things.
“You Are Listening to Delilah” (12/20/2004): The syndicated radio host does her Christmas episode.
“I’ll Bemoan for Christmas” (12/19/2005): Dissecting the lyrics of Christmas carols.
“If It Happened Today” (12/18/2006): The Nativity story retold in modern times.
“A Message from Claus Inc.” (12/8/2008): Santa is forced to downsize.
“Joseph’s Blog: The Carin’ Carpenter” (12/20/2011): Mary’s husband posts a negative review of an inn.

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