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Occasional link roundup – March 24-April 13

Here is a fragrant, florid pile of links to things I’ve written in the last few weeks, both here and at other sites. Please to read them, won’t we?

Movie reviews:

“42” C+ [Twitch]
“Admission” C+
“Antiviral” B-
“Evil Dead” B
“G.I. Joe: Retaliation” C
“The Place Beyond the Pines” B+ []
“Room 237” C+
“Scary Movie 5” F [Twitch]
“Simon Killer” B- []
“Stoker” B+ []
“Upstream Color” B+
“Wrong” B

Other things and/or stuff:

___Snide Remarks #684: “What I Think About What You Think” — Opinions, and the people who have them.
___Snide Remarks #685: “Spring Breaking Point” — Relax and get aggravated at the movies!

___Eric’s Bad Movies: “Casablanca” (1942). I tried something a little different. []
___Eric’s Bad Movies: “Lords of the Street” (2008), starring Kris Kristofferson, DMX, and a guy who isn’t DMX. []

___The 8 Most Annoying Movie Marketing Tactics. From character posters to six-second teasers. []

___Interview: David Zucker. On how spoofs have changed from “Airplane!” (which he co-wrote and directed) to “Scary Movie 5” (which he co-wrote and produced). []

___You’re Old: “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” Came Out 30 Years Ago. A sketchy visit to April 1, 1983. []
___You’re Old: “Indecent Proposal” and “The Sandlot” Came Out 20 Years Ago This Week. What a strange double feature that was on April 9, 1993.

___Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #154 (3/29). “G.I. Retaliation,” “Admission,” “Ginger & Rosa,” Pitch Me, and more. [MovieBS]
___Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #155 (4/5). “Evil Dead,” “Reality,” “Jurassic Park 3D,” personal memories of Roger Ebert, and more and more. [MovieBS]
___Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #156 (4/12). “42,” “Trance,” “The Place Beyond the Pines,” “The Sapphires,” “Somebody Up There Likes Me,” Character Casserole, and more and more and more. [MovieBS]

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