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Occasional link roundup – May 26-June 23

From the last few weeks: 11 movie reviews, 4 Eric’s Bad Movies columns, a Snide Remarks, a couple You’re Old columns, some podcasts, plus other things and also more things, and stuff.

“After Earth” C
“The Attack” B+ [Twitch]
“Call Me Kuchu” B+ [Twitch]
“The Kings of Summer” B []
“Man of Steel” B-
“Monsters University” B [Twitch]
“Much Ado About Nothing” B []
“Now You See Me” C [Twitch]
“The Purge” B- [Twitch]
“This Is the End” B
“World War Z” C+

Eric’s Bad Movies #225: “Sasquatch” (aka “The Untold”) (2011) — Lance Henriksen pursues the legendary creature. []
Eric’s Bad Movies #226: “Suburban Commando” (1991) — Hulk Hogan is a bald, long-haired space alien. []
Eric’s Bad Movies #227: “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night” (2011) — In which former Superman Brandon Routh tries something else. []
Eric’s Bad Movies #228: “The Freedom of Silence” (2011) — In the future, Christianity is outlawed! []

Eric’s Movie Column: How “Man of Steel” Is Better Than “Superman Returns” — and Vice Versa — A careful examination of the facts (i.e., opinions). []

Snide Remarks #688: “Supermania!” — A refresher course on the Man of Steel

You’re Old: “Big” Came Out 25 Years Ago — June 3, 1988. []
You’re Old: “Last Action Hero” Came Out 20 Years Ago — June 18, 1993. []

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #163 (5/31): “After Earth,” “Now You See Me,” “Stories We Tell,” Character Casserole. [MovieBS]
Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #164 (6/7): “The Purge,” “The Internship,” “The Kings of Summer,” “Sightseers,” “Violet & Daisy.” [MovieBS]
Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #165 (6/14): “Man of Steel,” “This Is the End,” “Before Midnight,” “The History of Future Folk” (including interview with the stars). [MovieBS]

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