Friday movie roundup – June 22

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It’s days like this that a guy can start to feel insecure about his opinions.

I saw “Evan Almighty” last week and thought it was good enough, not great, improved quite a bit by the presence of Steve Carell. I wrote my B- review accordingly.

Then I began to hear from other critics, and I discovered two things. One, no one liked “Evan Almighty.” At all. And two, no one seemed to have liked “Bruce Almighty” much either — and I gave that movie a B+! I don’t know how I failed to notice at the time that I was in the minority, but apparently I was. Huh.

Not that it matters, but I seem to be closer to the consensus with today’s other reviews, positive notices for both “1408” and “A Mighty Heart.” That “1408” is a real pants-wetter, in a good way.

This week’s podcast edition of “In the Dark,” available here (if you have not already subscribed via this feed), features my impersonations of the audience members at “Evan Almighty,” so there’s a special treat for you. For more information on the e-mail version of “In the Dark,” which has lots more features and is as delightful as it is free of charge, go here. And for a video of a prairie dog being very dramatic, go here.