Friday movie roundup – April 11

It’s another meh weekend for new releases as we drift through the doldrums before summer blockbuster season begins on the first day of summer (May 2).

The big ticket is “Prom Night,” which has the same title but no other connection to the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis slasher film, other than that they’re both slasher films. This was one of Hollywood’s Shameful Secrets©™®, not screened for critics before it opened. In fact, there was a promotional screening last night at 7:00, and the studio reps who covered it were specifically told not to let any critics in. “Do not under any circumstances let a movie critic see this movie!” was basically the message. “Negative reviews on opening day might foil our smash-and-grab money-making approach!”

So here’s my review. Thank goodness for midnight screenings!

Then there’s Keanu Reeves in “Street Kings,” an average but not awful L.A. cop movie full of grit and swearing and corruption. My review of it is over at

Your best bet is “Smart People,” a funny (if unremarkable) comedy starring Dennis Quaid as a self-absorbed college professor.

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