Friday movie roundup – April 16

Aside from a documentary a few years ago called “F***,” I think “Kick-Ass” is the first movie I’ve reviewed whose very title won’t appear in some newspapers. I know my mom certainly won’t say it! She’s OK with “Kick-Arse,” though, which I assume is what they’re calling it in England. Anyway, it’s outrageously funny and vulgar and violent and offensive, and those are its strong points.

Also new in wide release is “Death at a Funeral” (review at a remake of a very old foreign farce, by which I mean a British movie from 2007. Same screenwriter, even. The original was nothing special, and the remake — starring Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, and a large ensemble as mourners at a funeral that goes haywire — is even less special. Of note is the director, Neil La Bute, who somehow managed to make a movie that wasn’t entirely about his hatred of women.

In limited release there’s “The Joneses” (review at Cinematical) (as in “keeping up with”), a dark satire about consumerism starring David Duchovny and Demi Moore. And Gary Cole! Love that guy. Put Gary Cole in more movies, please, movie people.

Finally, what would you say to an insane Belgian movie based on a children’s TV show? You would say, “Yes, please!” It’s “A Town Called Panic,” and it’s one of the most delightfully, energetically weird things I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. It’s been making the rounds the last few months, never playing on more than 10 screens at a time. Right now it’s in Portland and Eugene, Ore., Omaha, Neb., and Williamsburg, Va. I’m told it’s opening in Salt Lake City next week. Go watch it, OK?

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