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    Friday movie roundup – April 25


    You know, I sort of forgot about “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.” I saw it at South By Southwest over a month ago, wrote my review, and then cast it from my mind. Yet here it is, opening in theaters today. Weird! It’s like I’m living in two different time periods.

    A better option for your movie-going dollars is “Baby Mama,” which isn’t quite as funny as a movie with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler should be, but it’s close enough. Those two gals crack me up. My review of it is at Film.com.

    Did you know there is a movie opening today called “Deception”? Me either! But it’s opening on more than 2,000 screens, a full-blown wide release! They didn’t screen it for critics, though, so never mind.

    In limited release, “Standard Operating Procedure” is a very good documentary about Abu Ghraib, while “The Life Before Her Eyes” is a cheap and mediocre drama about the aftermath of a Columbine-esque school shooting.

    Finally, I reviewed “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” a few days ago. There’s already been quite a lively discussion in the comments. It’s a much smarter conversation than we get with, say, “Prom Night.”

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