Friday movie roundup – Aug. 19


    My, what a busy week! A busy two weeks, actually — I was away on fambly bidness last weekend and didn’t update you. I have a whole bunch of new reviews, listed here alphabetically:

    “Ben-Hur” (PG-13) C
    “Florence Foster Jenkins” (PG-13) B+ [Oregon ArtsWatch]
    “Hell or High Water” (R) B+
    “Kubo and the Two Strings” (PG) B
    “Morris from America” (R) B
    “Nine Lives” (PG) C-
    “Our Little Sister” (PG) B
    “Pete’s Dragon” (PG) A-
    “Sausage Party” (R) B
    “War Dogs” (R) C

    Over at Mental Floss, I wrote a fun piece about the 1907 version of “Ben-Hur” that changed the movie business forever (really!). I especially enjoy the old-timey court language.

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