Friday movie roundup – Aug. 27

The end of summer is always a little sad, though it’s made merrier by my birthday (which was Thursday; thanks for the many tweets and e-mails!). Late-August movies tend to be kinda stinky, too, so it’s nice that this year’s batch isn’t bad.

“The Last Exorcism” (review at is good ‘n’ creepy, the way movies about exorcisms are supposed to be. “Takers” (review at Cinematical), about bank robbers and the cops who pursue them, is only a C+, but even a C+ is welcome in the waning days of summer blockbuster season.

There’s an end-of-summer theme to my columns, too. “What’s the Big Deal?” is about “Mr. Hulot’s Holiday,” a French comedy set at a beachside resort. “Eric’s Bad Movies” has “Babylon A.D.,” which was one of the bad late-August movies two years ago. (I seem to recall that it opened without being screened first, which is why I didn’t review it at the time.)

At Cinematical, I delivered some potentially amusing thoughts on the trailer for “Life As We Know It.”

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