Friday movie roundup – Aug. 7

Yeah, about that Friday movie roundup… I sort of had a couple screenings, you know? And then I had to clean up my apartment because I had a friend coming into town for the weekend? And then I had to pick him up at the airport and go be on the radio (KUFO 101.1) to talk about “G.I. Joe” (which was one of the screenings) and have dinner and go out and paint Portland red? You know? So I kind of spaced on the roundup, but here it is, for the record.

“G.I. Joe” wasn’t pre-screened for critics, but now that I’ve seen it I’ll tell you it’s harmlessly simple-minded with a couple of genuinely fun action sequences. I’m probably giving it a C, when I write my review, whenever that is.

“Julie & Julia” is a delightful comedy that you should see. “A Perfect Getaway” (review at is a shrewd thriller, smarter and funnier than you’d expect. In limited release, “Paper Heart” (review at Cinematical) is an interesting hybrid of documentary and mockumentary that’s moderately amusing.

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