Friday movie roundup – Feb. 11

Monday is Valentine’s Day, yet the closest thing to a romantic comedy opening this weekend is “Just Go with It,” starring Adam Sandler as a pathological liar who must create a fake soon-to-be-ex-wife in order to date the smokin’ hot babe he met at a party. And they say romance is dead! And they are right when they say that!

“Gnomeo & Juliet” sounds like it’s a romance, and I guess it is. But it’s also a cartoon, and it’s about garden gnomes that come to life when people aren’t around, “Toy Story”-style, and I didn’t see it, so never mind.

Before I saw “Just Go with It,” I wrote a piece for analyzing the logical problems presented by the trailer. I submit it now as a historical artifact, from the period of time before we saw “Just Go with It.”

What is “The Eagle” (review at It is a movie with Channing Tatum as a Roman centurion, and Jamie Bell as his slave/sidekick! It has swords and stuff.

Oh, and I saw “The Roommate” last weekend. I didn’t write a review, but it’s plenty stupid, believe me.

“Cedar Rapids” (review at Cinematical) opens today in limited release. It’s worth catching, especially if you’re a fan of Ed Helms, unsung hero from “The Office.”

Over at, “What’s the Big Deal?” dealt with “Last Tango in Paris,” while “Eric’s Bad Movies” addressed “Bolero,” starring Bo Derek and her many naked breasts. (She must have seven or eight.)

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