Friday movie roundup – Feb. 12

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes “Valentine’s Day,” a movie about Valentine’s Day! It stars 143 famous actors and actresses and isn’t funny, but at least it’s too long.

Then there’s “The Wolfman” (review at, starring Benicio Del Toro as a fellow with a bit of werewolf problem. Despite the old-fashioned setting and story, the film is alarmingly gruesome and bloody.

“Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” which looks very Harry Potter-y and was directed by the guy who made the first couple Harry Potter movies, wasn’t screened until Thursday night. And by the time it was announced — it was originally supposed to be Tuesday afternoon — I’d made other commitments. So no review.

Finally, I caught up with “Legion” a while back and reviewed it. It’s fairly harmless, if not exactly “good.”

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