Friday movie roundup – Feb. 14 (which isn’t even Friday)

For some reason all of this week’s movies are coming out today rather than Friday. I get the connection for “Definitely, Maybe,” which is a romantic comedy and thus appropriate for Valentine’s Day. But why did the others all follow suit? Will people be taking their sweethearts to see “Step Up 2 the Streets”? You could go crazy trying to figure out how movie marketers’ minds work.

Anyway, “Definitely, Maybe” is decent; “Step Up 2 the Streets” is a typical street-dancing movie with fantastic dance scenes and nothing else; and “Jumper” has a nifty premise squandered by hasty, careless execution.

Then there’s “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” which is the best young adult fantasy movie of the last several months. My review of it will be at shortly, if it is not there by the time you read this is at This week’s podcast and “In the Dark” mailing are also forthcoming have at last arrived.

Happy Valentine’s Day (I guess), and if you happen to be my mother, happy birthday! I love you, and I’m glad nobody forced you to watch “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” last week the way they forced me.

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