Friday movie roundup – Feb. 29

Today is the fifth Friday of February — something that can only happen in leap years, and only when Feb. 1 is a Friday, too. February gets five Fridays only once every 28 years, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Our leap day movies (also rare, since movies usually come out on Fridays) are “Semi-Pro” (OK, but not Will Ferrell’s best work), “Penelope” (a delightful modern fairy tale), and “The Other Boleyn Girl” (aka skit night at the Renaissance Faire).

In limited release you’ll find the wonderful “Band’s Visit” from Israel and the slightly less wonderful (but still good) “Caramel” from Lebanon.

Today is also the birthday of Howard Tayler, whose web comic “Schlock Mercenary” is a consistently amusing sci-fi treat. Since his birthday is Feb. 29, that means 1) his friends and family only have to celebrate it once every four years, and 2) I’ll never forget when his birthday is. It’s a built-in mnemonic device! I’m actually much better friends with his brother Randy, yet I have no idea when Randy’s birthday is. (December? Maybe around the 10th?)

So happy 40th (i.e, 10th) birthday, Howard!

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