Friday movie roundup – Jan. 16

Guess what! The 25th annual Sundance Film Festival has begun, and I am here for the 10th annual time! I’ll be providing coverage for (my spouse) and (my mistress), as well as for (my narcissism). In particular, my daily diaries — which I guess are “blogs,” although I’ve been doing them since before that word existed, THANK YOU VERY MUCH — will be here at my, um, blog. (OK, so the Internet finally caught up and provided a place for me to put daily diary entries.)

I might also slap together some Twitter updates, if you’re a Twitter user. My name there is EricDSnider. If you don’t know what Twitter is, good for you.

For you civilians and suckers, here’s what’s been shoveled into your multiplexes:

“Notorious” is actually a pretty good biopic of famed obese rapper The Notorious B.I.G. Some reviews have already complained that the movie is full of musical-biopic clichés, which makes me laugh, because what, the beloved “Walk the Line” and “Ray” weren’t?

“Hotel for Dogs” isn’t the Groin-Punch for Eric that I expected — it’s a reasonably amusing and perfectly harmless family film about some kids taking care of strays.

Then you got “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” starring Kevin James as the title fattie (big week for fatties!). Not very funny.

Finally, I got around to reviewing “The Unborn,” which was Hollywood’s Shameful Secret last week, and it’s lousy. This week, the Shameful Secret is “My Bloody Valentine 3-D,” which will have to wait until I’m done Sundancing for a review. YOU HEAR THAT, “MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D”? YOU CAN WAIT.

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