Friday movie roundup – Jan. 18

We’ve discussed here before how January is a terrible month for new movies. January releases are almost always bad. (Movies released in L.A. and New York in December that go wide in January don’t count.) I’ve never given a January movie an A or A- — until now. I’m delighted to announce that “Cloverfield” breaks the streak! The first excellent January wide release of the millennium!

“27 Dresses,” on the other hand, is exactly what you expect from a January movie: unoriginal, tedious, and forgettable. “Mad Money” is cute and perhaps acceptable; my review is at

Finally, Utah readers might wonder about “Falling,” the new film from Richard Dutcher (“God’s Army,” “Brigham City”). It opens at SLC’s Gateway Megaplex today. Dutcher’s P.R. folks were kind enough to offer to send me a screener just after Christmas. I said I’d love to review it, and they should send it as soon as possible, as Sundance was fast approaching. They said they’d send it off right away. Two weeks passed and I got it Tuesday, the day before I left for Sundance. So I’ll get to it when I get back.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this blog,, and Cinematical’s Sundance page  for my Sundance Film Festival coverage. It’s just like being there, only warmer!

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