Friday movie roundup – Jan. 21

Just FYI, no one in Hollywood cares if you go to the movies this weekend.

The one wide release, “No Strings Attached” — in which Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman have non-committal sex until (I’m guessing?) one or the other falls in love — was screened for critics, but it was Wednesday night, and I was on my way to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. So forget you, “No Strings Attached.”

In semi-wide release, there’s “The Way Back” (review at, a solid drama about some dudes who escaped from a Siberian gulag and walked to India, which is not exactly next door to Siberia. 

My features from this week: “Eric’s Bad Movies” has “Solarbabies,” about roller-skating post-apocalyptic teenagers; “What’s the Big Deal?” has “The Last Picture Show,” which is full of teenagers but sadly lacking in roller skates or apocalypses. 

Oh! Yeah! Sundance! I am there now. Reviews should be popping up at and Cinematical at some point. I don’t know about the daily diary this year. Then again, I say that every year. Then again, one of these years I really will decide not to do it. In any event, my Twitter feed (@EricDSnider) is a good way to keep abreast on my doings. 

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