Friday movie roundup – Jan. 22

This will be one of those very quick Friday Movie Roundups where I just list the movies and say yay or nay, no idle chit-chat, cuz I’m at Sundance and things is hoppin’! Specifically, the snow. The snow is hoppin’. The forecast calls for continued snow, nonstop, through Memorial Day.

“Extraordinary Measures”
stars Brendan Fraser and cranky old Harrison Ford and was filmed in Portland! Where I live! I recognized things! And it’s actually set in Portland, too, not just filmed there as it pretends to be someplace else. Yay Portland! The movie’s OK, not bad.

“Tooth Fairy” (review at, starring The Rock as an arrogant man who has to do a stint as the tooth fairy as penance for not believing in things, is not as awful as it sounds. It’s bad, yes, but only bad-bad, not claw-your-eyes-out-bad. Put that on your poster!

“Legion,” in which devils and angels battle for the souls of mankind, or something, is one of Hollywood’s Shameful Secrets, not screened for critics. Which is bogus. They screened “Tooth Fairy,” for crying out loud!

Finally, I reviewed “The Spy Next Door” — one of last week’s Shameful Secrets — for Poor Jackie Chan. And poor audiences who watched the movie.

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