Friday movie roundup – July 1

The Friday movie roundup — on a Tuesday?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? It’s crazy, I know, but Tuesday is when they’re releasing “Hancock,” the big Fourth of July blockbuster. Well, Wednesday, officially, except that nearly every theater that’s showing it has “sneak previews” starting tonight at 7. So it’s really opening today. The July 4 movie opens July 2, except really July 1. Makes perfect sense.

Anyway, “Hancock” is fine.

The movie that’s really good is “The Promotion,” which has been kicking around in limited release for a few weeks and opens this Friday in Salt Lake City (which I mention because I know a lot of you live in that area). It was the Cinematical gang’s favorite film at South By Southwest back in March, and it’s a shame it’s not getting more attention now that it’s in theaters. Go see it. It’s funny.

UPDATE: I’ve just received word that “The Promotion” has been bumped back to July 11 in SLC. So wait until July 11, and then go see it.

Also in limited release this week are two Sundance favorites: “The Wackness,” which made me say “meh,” and “Baghead” (review at Cinematical), which made me say “ha ha” and “me likey.”

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