Friday movie roundup – July 10

As expected, “Brüno” — Sacha Baron Cohen’s follow-up to 2006’s “Borat” — isn’t quite as funny as its predecessor, but it’s not a bust, either. Its main defect is missing some golden opportunities and being generally less focused than it should be. It’ll sure make you laugh/cringe/cover your eyes, though.

Then there’s “I Love You, Beth Cooper” (review at, based on a funny novel that I recommended on this very blog a year ago. The movie version, unfortunately, is astonishingly bad. It makes me want to apologize to the Wayans family. It’s hands-down the worst thing I’ve seen this year. Hands down! Why do I still see some hands up? I’m serious. HANDS DOWN.

In limited release, though, are two fine options. “The Hurt Locker,” hailed by some as the best movie of 2009, is a riveting action-drama about a bomb squad in Iraq. I don’t quite concur with the “best movie of 2009” thing, but it’s definitely an outstanding movie. And there’s also “Humpday,” a hilarious and astute indie comedy about two straight guys who want to make a sex tape as an art project. But it’s more complicated than that. Read the review, see the movie.

Oh, and I loved “Il Divo,” about one of Italy’s most notorious modern politicians, but for some reason forgot to include it in “In the Dark” this week. I don’t know what gets into me sometimes.

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