Friday movie roundup – July 24

I hate being the bearer of bad news, but none of this week’s new releases are very good. The best of the lot is “G-Force” (review at Cinematical), about the guinea pigs who work as government spies, and even that’s only a C+.

Quite a bit worse is “The Ugly Truth” (review at, a coarse romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler that turns out to be pretty much as bad as it looks. The press screening was Wednesday night, opposite “G-Force,” which would have presented me with a choice of Sophie’s proportions. Luckily (?), last Friday night “The Ugly Truth” had “sneak preview” screenings around the country, so I paid actual U.S. money to see it and thus freed up my Wednesday for “G-Force.” This is my life, folks.

The third new release is “Orphan,” an entry in the Evil Children genre. It supports what I’ve always said about adoption: it’s immoral and dangerous. The movie is cruel distasteful and should be avoided.

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