Friday movie roundup – June 1

One of the year’s best comedies opens today, and you should not take your mother to see it. Do not take my mother, either. Take no mothers! It’s “Knocked Up,” from the fine people who brought you “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” I saw it at the South By Southwest Film Festival back in March, as described here (scroll down to Day 4), and then watched it again locally a couple weeks ago. I am ever so fond of it.

The other major release today is “Mr. Brooks,” a thriller starring Kevin Costner as a man with a murderous alter ego. MGM had a strange publicity pattern for it, screening it almost two weeks early in some cities while not screening it at all in others. I hope to have a review posted by Monday.

Finally, there’s “Gracie,” opening somewhat less widely today. It’s an inspiring sports drama about a teenage girl who wants to play soccer with the big boys. It’s apparently based on Elisabeth Shue’s personal story, no joke. I was out of town when the screening was held. Review to come.

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