Friday movie roundup – June 5

You might have heard some buzz about “The Hangover,” to the effect that it’s real funny and stuff. Well, it is. My review is at Cinematical.

You might have also heard some buzz about “Land of the Lost,” to the effect that it’s a crazy, crack-smoking movie that sucks. Well, I disagree with the buzz there. It’s insane, all right, but it made me laugh quite a bit. So there. My review is at

Also opening in wide release is “My Life in Ruins,” which was not screened for critics in Portland, which from what I gather we ought to be grateful for. It stars the lady from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” as a woman who goes to Greece to, I don’t know, capitalize on whatever fame she still has from that movie she was in seven years ago. Maybe I’ll review it at some point.

Finally, in limited release is “Downloading Nancy,” a rancid, ghastly movie about a woman who finds a stranger on the Internet to help her achieve the greatest “high,” i.e., dying. Maria Bello and Jason Patric star. It premiered at Sundance last year, was eviscerated by reviewers, and is now being released theatrically so it can be eviscerated some more. Done and done!

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