Friday movie roundup – March 21

Happy spring! And happy Easter! And hey, what about Passover? Happy that too! I hope you weren’t planning to celebrate any of these things by going to the movies!

“Drillbit Taylor” is lousy, and “Shutter” (review is at is even worse. The third wide release, Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns,” wasn’t screened for critics, and you know what that means. (You probably also know what Tyler Perry’s name in front of it means.)

In other news, I promise to have the final installment of my SXSW diary posted today, a mere seven days after the day it covers. If you knew how busy I’ve been this week, you’d stop hassling me (RANDY TAYLER!!) to get it done. I wish I had more time during the festivals to work on these reports, because I really enjoy writing them. Each one is like a mini-“Snide Remarks,” with the hard part done by having the topic assigned to me.

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