Friday movie roundup – March 26

Those of you who subscribe to my weekly “In the Dark” e-mail — and those of you who don’t should — probably noticed that, as of today’s edition, it’s finally in HTML. That means instead of seeing an ugly URL for a link, you can simply click on the text, like you do when you’re looking at a website. (Some of you think it’s silly that I’m explaining what HTML does. The rest of you are confused because you still don’t understand what I’m talking about.) A plain text version will accompany the HTML version each week, so everything should look OK even if you have your e-mail client set to ignore HTML.

Now then. The movies! There are two big releases this weekend, one fantastic and one pretty OK. The former is “How to Train Your Dragon,” an animated adventure that stands above most of the snarky, ironic stuff DreamWorks has put out. The latter is “Hot Tub Time Machine,” an unfocused but funny R-rated comedy whose title tells you everything you need to know.

In limited release are two films I saw at the Tribeca Film Festival last year. “City Island” is a breezy and good-natured comedy about one of those Italian-American families who yell at each other a lot but still love one another. “The Eclipse” is an Irish drama with supernatural elements, about a widower who keeps seeing the ghost of his father-in-law — who isn’t dead yet.

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