Friday movie roundup – March 28

One of the things I like about film festivals is that they’re efficient. Case in point: Four of this week’s new releases are films that played at South By Southwest, thus relieving me of having to watch them this week.

“Stop-Loss” and “21” are both C+ movies. “Run Fatboy Run” is better. “Flawless,” in limited release, is also decent. Note that my reviews of “Stop-Loss,” “21,” and “Flawless” are all at Cinematical.

The other new release today is one of Hollywood’s Shameful Secrets©, i.e., it wasn’t screened for critics. It’s “Superhero Movie” … yes, another unimaginatively titled spoof film. I’m seeing it today, and my review will be at later tonight is at now.

I also caught Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns” this week, and that review is now available. It’s the first film Perry has made that’s actually OK. So just like his characters keep saying, miracles do happen!

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