Friday movie roundup – March 5

Sorry if we made your RSS feeds go all kerfooey yesterday. We were doin’ something with the blog and the Twitters and so forth. This Friday Movie Roundup, now officially very late, is here for archival purposes, and for the benefit of those whose only way of knowing that I have reviewed something is when I link to it here. (Hi, Andy!)

There are two new releases this weekend. The biggest is “Alice in Wonderland,” Tim Burton’s sequel to — not an adaptation of — the classic story, in which a 19-year-old Alice returns to the place she dreamed about as a child, like the kids in “Chronicles of Narnia” or Peter Pan in “Hook.” It has awesome visuals but a mediocre screenplay, so I guess that means it’ll make $700 million and be nominated for Best Picture.

The other new one is “Brooklyn’s Finest” (review at Cinematical), a gritty cop drama by the director of “Training Day.” It premiered at Sundance last year (with a different ending, apparently) and is just now making it to theaters. It’s not great, but it’s good, probably enough to satisfy fans of the gritty-cop-drama genre.

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