Friday movie roundup – March 7

Everything I’ve heard about “10,000 B.C.” makes me really wish I’d been able to see it. There are reports of audiences hooting derisively at it and critics openly mocking it during the screenings. But the Portland screening was last night (i.e., at the very last possible minute while still avoiding the stigma of not screening it at all), and I was on my way to Austin. So, alas, I have no review of it for you, and I doubt I’ll be able to get to it until after South By Southwest.

But I do have reviews of two good movies, one with a terrible title and one with a great title. The terrible title is “The Bank Job,” surely the most generic name I’ve ever heard but a pretty solid heist flick. The great title is “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,” which sounds even better if you say it with a snooty British accent.

And then there’s “College Road Trip,” a film so bad it made me wish I could watch a Larry The Cable Guy movie instead. Even laying aside my increasingly virulent hatred of Martin Lawrence, it’s still pretty awful. Someone asked if I do A+ ratings, and the answer is no, the scale stops at A. I don’t give F- grades either — but if I did, “College Road Trip” would get one. That and “The Bank Job” are my reviews this week.

As I mentioned, I’m in Austin now for the South By Southwest Film Festival. I plan to do the daily diary thing as usual, though I’ve noticed I seem to have even less downtime here than I do at Sundance, so don’t be alarmed if I fall behind in my reports. It just means I’m out having adventures for you to read about later.

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